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Discussion in 'Albion' started by Anarki_, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Anarki_

    Anarki_ Guest

    i'm making a minstrel, and i would like to know whats the best spec on 50, and should i go thurst or slash?

    plz help me
  2. mincepie

    mincepie Guest

    50 30 30 or 50 31 29(slash) are the most popular specs. Weapon style dependant on race usually but I prefer slash (am a highlander) for amethyst. Alot of thrust styles reactionary so you will miss out on a good anytime etc
  3. carp-

    carp- Guest

    50 ablative is over rated
  4. Gamzy

    Gamzy Guest

    no its not
  5. Khazik

    Khazik Guest

    50 Ablative... absorbs 70dmg before dissapating.
    Works lovely vs 1h invaders, and takes a shed load of some 2h troll dmg :) usually get hit for around 30-40 after ablative does its thing.
    Helpful against dual weapon users.

    Fab utility!

    Edit: Agree with Mince, 50 31 29 for slash spec.
    Thrust is good vs most middies (well the visible ones!) and neutral vs hibs.
  6. Derric

    Derric Guest

    50 instruments 44 thrust imo. o0

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