Midwinter Festival Returns [Don't miss the free presents]

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    Midwinter Festival Returns
    Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Dec 19 07:32 -0500 GMT In celebration of the Midwinter Festival, we have the following notes (including one Hot Fix!) for you:

    Hot Fix
    • Buggane's Obelisk will no longer spawn at the Lucan's Summit, Uald Heights, or Cavana Drift locations.
      • The obelisk can still spawn at the three realm maze locations or on Ellan Vannin.
        • The chance for it to spawn on Ellan Vannin is now double that of any of the maze locations.
    Midwinter Festival
    • The Frozen Medal of Honor and Frozen Cloaks of Midwinter are once again available!
    • Battleground Presents are there to be gathered!
    • 50% RP, BP, and XP bonuses are now live!
    • The Traveling Merchants have made their winterly return to the realms!
    • The Frozen Cavern instance will not return with Midwinter and instead will be available in a separate event in late January.
    Midwinter will start today, December 19th, and will run until January 15th, 2018.
    The 12 days of Midwinter event will begin on Thursday, December 21st!

    Read on for more details!

    Realm Bonuses

    On Ywain:
    • 50% bonus to RP gain from RvR kills
      • This will display as "+75% to all realm points gained from RvR" in your /bonuses window. The default value is +25%.
      • This bonus applies to all RvR zones, including battlegrounds.
    • 50% bonus to normal XP gain in all classic and shrouded isles zones and dungeons
    • 50% bonus to normal BP in all NF zones
    • 50% bonus to normal BP in all battlegrounds
    On Gaheris:
    • 50% bonus to normal XP gain in all classic and shrouded isles zones and dungeons
    • 50% bonus to normal BP gain in the capital cities
    • 50% bonus to normal RP gain in the capital cities
    In each Capital City:
    • 40% Bonus to Crafting Speed
    • 20% Bonus to Crafting Skill Gain
    In all Housing Zones:
    • 20% Bonus to Crafting Speed
    • 10% Bonus to Crafting Skill Gain
    Traveling Merchants

    Several popular items have also made their return along with some brand new additions!
    • Freezing mythirians are now available for sale on the last page of the Mythirian merchant!
    • Don't forget, Ghostly Medal of Valors are also for sale on the Rarities merchant!
    Players can find the merchants at the below locations. Happy Shopping!

    In Albion: Just outside of gates of Castle Sauvage in Camelot Hills
    In Midgard: Just outside of Svasud Faste in the Vale of Mularn
    In Hibernia: Just outside of Druim Ligen in Connacht

    Midwinter Festival
    The days grow short, a chill is in the air, and warm fires glow in our homes. The Midwinter Festival has come once again to the Realms! Visit the festival grounds to take part in the festivities and challenges.


    Olibar, the Midwinter Tomte, will be paying frequent visits to Castle Sauvage, Svasud Faste, and Druim Ligen seeking assistance. He seems to have lost some Midwinter presents throughout the battlegrounds. Speak to him if you wish to assist him. Players on Gaheris between the levels of 35 to 49 can speak to him to receive a special Frontier Gift Retrieval quest instead.

    Santa Nicholas, Lucia of the Light, and Jack Frost will arrive with gifts for the people of the realms, but there’s been a bit of a crisis: their presents were hijacked and are now in the possession of dangerous enemies. They will offer the Saving Midwinter quest to all adventurers level 48 and above. Save Midwinter and earn a new Frozen Cloak of Midwinter and a Frozen Medal of Honor! Visit them at the Winter Villages outside of Ludlow, Ardee, and Vasudheim.

    In Albion, Clara sets up a giant tree at the festival tents. Speak with her for information on obtaining an appropriately-sized one for your own home or yard. Nearby, Sister Samantha is collecting toys for the children of Albion. She offers some fine holiday greenery as a reward to those generous souls who answer her call.

    In Midgard, Kevin somehow manages to decorate a tree all for himself. Ask him about it and he may give you a few pointers regarding your own arboreal home decorating. The Gythja of Frigg is taking donations of toys from passers-by and granting them wreaths and garlands in return.

    In Hibernia, the rather small elf Noelle brings her tree to the festival grounds. She will help you start your own holiday tradition if you want one of your own. Matron Elleweh is looking for assistance in gathering gifts for the children of Hibernia, with a promise of some festive decorations in return.

    The Trinkets for Tots quest is available for all levels.

    The Midwinter Tree quests start at level 35, however rumor has it that there may be a more advanced challenge to follow for those of level 48 and up.

    Midwinter will start today, December 19th, and will run until January 15th, 2018.
    The 12 days of Midwinter event will begin on Thursday, December 21st!
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    I can see nothing new has happened to the seasons after I quit five years ago. Except of course premium currency, like you see it in free mobile games without a monthly subscription fee

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