[Mid] TG Items for Auction

Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by r00tz, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. r00tz

    r00tz Fledgling Freddie

    Brittle Bone Vest

    51 af, 100% quality, 35% bonus
    +3 Bone Army, +22 Dex, +22 Pie, +60 HP
    180 pt self heal reactive proc


    Empyrean Bonewalker's Staff

    100% quality, 35% bonus
    50 lvls Darkness, Suppression, Bone Army, +148 HP
    95 pt direct damage proc (cold)

    Seething Frostbound Hammer

    16.5dps, 3.7spd, 100% quality, 35% bonus
    +4 Hammer, +8% crush, +48 HP, +8 Power
    5dps damage shield proc
    Sold to Knackor
  2. Sastrecillo

    Sastrecillo Fledgling Freddie

    1.5 for the Seething Frostbound Hammer
  3. r00tz

    r00tz Fledgling Freddie

    Ingame bid for Seething Frostbound Hammer 1.8 Platinum - Blur

    Auction will end Monday 29th
  4. DirtyKnacker

    DirtyKnacker Fledgling Freddie

    I was Blur btw,hes my lvl 23 warrior
  5. r00tz

    r00tz Fledgling Freddie

    I shall try to message you ingame Knackor or you can get me on my toons in signature.

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