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Discussion in 'Albion' started by Martok, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. Martok

    Martok Part of the furniture

    Hello guys im still a nub sumtimes so here goes could ppl tell wme what Merc Ra's i should get and in order

    i currently have

    Det 4
    Dex 2
    MoParry 2
    MoPain 2
    Tireless 1
    Duelest reflexes 1

    going to change to

    Det 4
    Dex 2
    MoPain 1 - Next Rl will become MoP 2
    Prevent Flight
    then into Parry again ext

    what you guys think please tell me befor i waste a respec btw anyone selling a RA respec stone ? ;)
  2. Yussef

    Yussef Fledgling Freddie

    Won't need MoParry, I guess you would want to aim for Det 5, Dualists Reflexes and perhaps more MoPain.
  3. Sycho

    Sycho Can't get enough of FH

    Det 5, PF, purge, pain 3, dr 3, parry 1/2, aom 1/2,aug str 3, aug con 1, toughness 1, lw 1.

    Aslong as you have det 5,PF,purge, pain 3 and dr 3 then you got basically your best ra's.
  4. Zaffa

    Zaffa Loyal Freddie

    u dont wanna put points in aom tbh, its gonna get nerfed next patch, but then, u are getting points back once changes happen

    Resis wont stack next patch, so main Resistance come from ur race and armor, thats maybe 26%, will be ur primary resis
    then with aom 2, u would get another 4% resi or something like that atm, next patch, its gonna change its gonna be 4% of the 74% dmg that the first resis didnt take

    I think :eek:

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