Memory troubles (RAM not insta-amnesia)


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 24, 2003
Just added another stick of memory to my PC, upgraded from 256 DDR PC2700 to 768 DDR PC2700 (added on 512 DIMM). Camelot always worked fine before but now I'm getting graphics bugs (a bit like the classic 'gfx bug, relog' one from ages ago) and sudden bootings back to desktop, also had a bsod or two.

After a crash, when I try to restart Camelot it says 'Renderer Creation Failed'. I have latest NVIDIA drivers and directx version - but haven't changed anything except the memory....any ideas what's happening?

I did have to remove and replace the gfx card in order to fit the memory into the slot so maybe I'll check the fitting...also going to try some other games n things. Normal windows stuff seems to work fine.

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