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Discussion in 'MechWarrior 4' started by ECA, Nov 16, 2002.

  1. ECA

    ECA Guest

    Some of your IRC monkeys know ( I'm Gryff on irc btw ), that I've been looking forward to this for a while :-]

    I went out friday morning and purchased a copy, still in its shrink wrapped state.

    Took it home, started installing , taunted CptDoom on irc for a bit whilst it was installing ( he cant go and buy a copy untill next week ), and then went to play.

    Nice intro movie, picked my sponsors ( Wolf Dragoons ), and went off on my first mission.

    The first mission is very very easy, think of the first level on doom, its just to get you used to how it looks and what you do.

    Unfortunately I've been playing Mechwarrior since its inception, and have played a few other mecha games.

    The second level is nothing like Dooms its much much harder than the first - what learning curve? style.

    It remains easy.

    I'm sure a newbie would have a hard time on some of the later levels, but the only time I had to restart a mission was the last level when an essential team mate died.

    Please note I had heat, limited ammo and vulnerability switched on.

    The new C-bill thing is nice, but seeing as I didnt die, and none of my squad died, I was rolling in cash.

    Graphically its better than vengeance or Black Knight, the mech models are much more detailed, and there are more ingame particle effects and trees etc, none of the uber sparse landscapes.

    Anyway onto the multiplayer.
    For some reason I cant play on zonematch, it doesnt connect, yet its fine in veng and BK - I'm going to have to email support or something.

    This means I have to get into multiplayers from on, which means that the games are slow and mostly n00bs, or vets, come to chew up the n00bs with their super configs.

    They've removed the little played game modes and now only destruction, battle, their respective team modes, and co-op play.

    Destruction is DM, Battle tallies the total damage done and co-op is on specially made maps, or from the single player campaign.

    Multiplayer works very well, with smooth netcode.

    56k'ers dont need to worry about their ping a lot, its not like CS where you will die to almost any lpb apart from a retard, as battles last at least 15-60 seconds unless a participant is already damaged.

    For newbies who are interested I'd say buy this game, its polished, and will last you 20-30 hours.

    For vets of MW, you will already have bought it, or plan on buying it.

    For vets it will not take very long, I completed it on a single day, or admittidly almost non-stop play, over about 8-14 hours.

    Vets - If you've played MW before and only want it for single player I'd say dont bother, its not worth the cash, for those who want to play multiplayer, its well worth the cash.
  2. ECA

    ECA Guest

    and bugger me with a spoon sideways if i didnt post to the wrong forum. Could a mod move it to the appropriate forum please :-]
  3. Gravity

    Gravity Guest

    i got the game as well - thought what the hell - been about 2 years since i played a mech game - i like:D
  4. I still think the best mechwarrior game was mechwarrior mercenaries...



    You know... the old one before 3 came out.
  5. ECA

    ECA Guest


    you got MW4 yet dolly?

    and grav
    #barrysworld in irc, if you want a game.

    I've been talking to some BW staff about some servers :-]
  6. legendario

    legendario Guest

    Big robots scare me and so does the game
  7. Gravity

    Gravity Guest

    trems c0x0r scares u though m8e - its only tiny - so ive been told

  8. whipped

    whipped Guest

    I'll be picking it up on Friday along with Mech Assault for the Xbox. That much Mech Mania should have me buzzing like a bee trapped in a really small jar.
  9. legendario

    legendario Guest

    Do you guys not have lives?

    Everytime I read one of your threads you're buying another game/console.

    On that note I have recently bought Vice city/THPS4/PES, downloaded natural selection and have started playing ofp :)
  10. Sir Frizz

    Sir Frizz Guest

    I tried looking for Mercs on Friday but to no avail, SCREW YOU GAME!


    How much is it btw?
  11. whipped

    whipped Guest

    It's £30 and if looking in GAME you may want to look in the main games section.

    For some reason they didn't have it out on the "This is a new game released this friday" shelf in all three of the GAME stores that are now situated about 300 yards from each other ;)

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