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Discussion in 'IGI 2 : Covert Strike' started by =M<P=Xerxes, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. =M<P=Xerxes

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    Would like to announce that clan Master Control Program are in the process of starting a IGI2 section. We play Star trek voyager: Elite force, Return to castle wolfenstein, and Medel of honor: allied assault. We have our own clan server. And when the linux server version comes out we should have IGI2 on that, as well as the other games above and Soldier of fortune 2. We are mature uk based clan been around for over two years. We've grown from a clan of players to friends. The northen members are going for a few drinks this weekend, LOL. Few? more like a lot.

    We are looking for new and experienced players. Who are around our own age group 20+ for IGI2 or any of the othergames we play (SOF2 is just a fun game for us sorry)

    Drop me a line or just post here.
    You might see me on-line as =M<P=Xerxes

    See ya!

  2. heh! I already have a clan but i just had to post. Not only do you have a cool clan name, you've also got a very cool handle. Tron and System Shock right?
  3. =M<P=Xerxes

    =M<P=Xerxes Guest

    Thx m8. Yeah! We've been around a while. Just need new blood for this section. Just a few of the regular have it some are going to get it. I just love this game. I think I saw you once on a codemaster server. Someone made a comment about your name.

    Tron 2 is supposed to be made in it?


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