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  1. S3-FluKe

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    Any thoughts on using a custom map pack to spice things up a little?

    Just thinking, most of the matches I played last season were ffa_bespin and ffa_yavin with ffa_deathstar sometimes and I think I played ctf_yavin once or something.

    Just wondering if a map pack would be a possibility, I know custom maps could be allowed but its pointless without a league pack so everyone has the same, the problem might be finding good FFA maps, good JK2 maps tend to be very fancy but play terribly, Jabbas palace for example, duel of fates has framerate probs...

    I could make suggestions but I guess it might be a stupid idea, it would mean everyone downloading the pack which might be hard to enforce since turning up was a big deal for some people last year, on the other hand it'd be a nice alternitive to ravens stale maps.
  2. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    I agree a few new maps would make a difference. I dont think putting together a map pack (as in one .pk3 file) wouldn't work, but if we have a map list and post links to the maps on the site then noone would have any excuse not to have a custom map.

    Tell u what m8... Giz some suggests and we'll see :) Same goes for anyone who wants a custom map used :)

    /me resumes work on TFFA_BespinHanger

    We have 3 weeks before the kick off of season 2 so provided we act quickly we could get something sorted.

    I've started a new tread for Map suggestions:


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