Discussion in 'Counter-Strike League' started by old.[dOh]dim_sleeper, Aug 29, 2000.

  1. i don't suppose you'd consider moving the new maps a little to the back of the list ?

    say swap cs_italy with cs_arabstreets
    and de_foption with de_train.

    /me feels cheeky
  2. SAS

    SAS Guest

    Guess what the answer is :p

    As for all the clans. Times are now fixed. Cheese and I looked at moving you to thursday, but it would had affected 5+ clans :(

    Posted by S.A.S
  3. no chance we could switch wednesday to thursday, like the request for B!TCH in the email sent out?

    we already have WPCSL and GICSC games on wednesday, so our chances of fielding even a small team are slim.
  4. me is sad no good maps

    poor Siege and Docks :( assault they all gone.

    me thinks there is no cs in cs anymore :(

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