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Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Guest, Mar 17, 2005.

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    i have one of these that looks like it has a dodgy network card inside it, i have NO idea about the inner workings of these things, does anyone have a clue or know where i can get another card for it, the card is deffo faulty as wont get a dhcp ip address from NTL, but if i plug the cable into a wintel pc it gets an ip address.

    any ideas?
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  3. mookie

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    afaik, its on board and isnt user replaceable.
  4. Mobius

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    TECH FORUM!!!! :p

    One day you'll get it right Brooky. :D
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  6. Jonty

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    Hi brooky

    Not to slur Macs, but their hardware requirements and overall design are more stringent than PCs, meaning the odd hardward upgrade is often out of the question. As such, as Bob007 rightly says, you'll probably have to get it sorted out via Apple if you're absolutely sure the network card is gone (the Apple support people should guide you through some simple steps just to check if its something else, like the OS, for example).

    I know of someone, not personally, who sent off their PowerBook to have a graphics card repaired. Two months later and they got it back only to find they had the same problem. It turns out the issue label had been read incorrectly and the technicians had replaced a perfectly good screen with another one and left the faulty card. hehe :) Here's hoping your experience is a tad better (I'm sure it will be :))

    Kind Regards
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    appletech should know better. still, I bet that isn't the first time :/

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