[WHITE LION] looking for spec and general help :)

Discussion in 'Order Careers' started by Mabs, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. Mabs

    Mabs J Peasemould Gruntfuttock

    got a lvl 17 one im doing as a side project
    im looking for a pet with owner support spec, closest thing to wow Beastmaster hunter, but the spec lines seem to be a bit.. odd. the "pet" one doesnt seem to really do much

    so any useful tips on which mastery to use with that^ in mind gratefully received, and any other gems or suggestions aswell
  2. Return to DAOC

    Return to DAOC Fledgling Freddie

    I could be wrong as my WL is only rank 18 how ever i dont think there any viable specs for a beastmaster sort of WL. Our pet doesnt scale well and is easily nuked down in 2-3 nukes. Mine is frequentley destroyed by AOE damage even if I HOT it.

    Maybe in Open RVR you will be able to use it to terrorise healers but in scenarios im finding mine just gets gibbed if i send it away from me. ive specced into the first line (cant remember the name atm) but its the line that gives pounce at rank 21.

    Playing in PUGs i find it very hard to penetrate into the ranged/healer lines at the back, I either get focus fired and destroyed or a big tank train comes and whoops my ass so I settled with a sort of healer guardian role. I nuke WE's that jump our back lines or beat on tanks that have over extended. If the battle turns in our favour and destro are retreating I try and bash in a few squishies while there back is turned.
  3. kee-

    kee- Fledgling Freddie

    I've got a 40WL on K8P.
    Personally i found teh guardian tree a waste of time. The lion is too difficult to control and pick targets in anything more than solo PvP.
    When mastery points were low i specced for pounce but got cull the weak and thin the herd in axeman as soon as i could. Basically go axeman as the others are gimped.
  4. krilly

    krilly Fledgling Freddie

    the trouble with guardian is with your pet in trained to kill, the pet stands there attacking thin air. I can see this being a good PVE group spec though as it give some off tanking ability

    Hunter spec is fine, you just need to keep your pet close. Hunter spec works nice when you slot the various on crit tactics. Hunter works good on the offense when you charging in on a pack of ranged guys, but your reliant on good tanks to some degree.

    Axeman is possibly better than hunter, but your way more dependant on positional attacks as axeman. Axeman is best for bursting down squishy targets when they run & for sneaking up behind tanks and other melee dps who are otherwise enganged.
  5. lordkroak

    lordkroak Fledgling Freddie

    guardian spec became more viable with the recent patches, the lion does more dmg and are easier to control. it is really a spec you should try out and I would not say it is as broken as most people claim it is. I have played a guardian WL in t4 and i can tell you that when you pop your cooldowns (leonine frenzy and brutal ponuce) your pet can easily take down a healer or other soft targets to half their hp in just the 3 sec stun.

    I dont find it too hard to control the pet and as long as you pick the right moments to attack with the pet and pull it back in time you shouldnt have much trouble to keep it alive.

    The playstyle and guardian spec suits me very good atleast.
    But it might be a good idea to stick with hunter spec until you can get brutal pounce cause that makes great difference.

    It is kinda hard to compare it too a BM hunter though cause u will always be in the fight and not on a safe distance 40 yards away so ofc its a totally different playstyle.
  6. Aada

    Aada Part of the furniture

    I really like WL guardian spec so funny to sick the Lion on a Sorc and watch em run around like noobs lol

    Just make sure you keep in range of the pet so you can give it a heal to keep it up.

    Guardian spec is also very good for PVE.

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