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Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
Im looking for a guild on Hibbie for my bard. Its my only character at the mo on hib. He's level 50 rr4+. And I really do enjoy playing him.

Ive played on hib on and off with various characters since just after beta.

I was in Might & Magic in the early days if anyone remembers them :). About 4 months ago now I think, I was with Brotherhood of Hibernia. Nothing terrible happened but at the time they weren't as active as I'd hoped. I then joined Vigilance and had great fun with them for a while and most people know what happened in the end so I won't go into detail.

I went back over to Pryd Alb for a fair while and now I'd like to come back over to excal, trouble is as far as I can tell from enquiries I have made: Most people have either enough bards (played) or most folk have bard alts and people take turns in bringing them out, leaving in the end a surplus of bards.

I enjoy both rvr and pve but most of all I like/prefer a guild thats friendly with a mature atmosphere and who is at least semi-active. Fair enough things may not happen for a day or two due to peoples real lives or playing other games/servers. However if theres a guild event I'd hope most folk would turn up, to go bash said beastie or take a keep and so on. I'd be happy with a large membership as well as a small one.

If you know me or have any advice send me a pm or leave a note here or indeed if your guild needs a friendly bard :). Ive been in the game a good fair time and Im a fairly old fella but I do know what Im doing :).



Fledgling Freddie
Jan 7, 2004
I am an officer in Evolution, and we are actively looking for new members at the moment.

We organise scroll hunts, RvR and are trying to do the MLs as a guild (the vast majority of us have only done ML1). We have folks of every level of experience and age and are friendly and helpful.
I have a dead PC at home at the moment (damn me for tinkering with it) so am not online. But if you message anyone from the guild they should be able to answer any more of your questions in game.

Details for the guild are here.


One of Freddy's beloved
Jan 31, 2004
try Clan Bearhawk, we could always use a bard :)

if you want good RvR and PvE artifact raids now when ToA is here. we always got a grp going


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 7, 2004
Draconis Alumni is currently recruiting.

Very easy and friendly environment.
A very very long tradition on this server.
Medium high dimention (not too zergy but still the 5th-6th bigger guild of the realm for number of active memebrs)
Quite mature as age (we have very young members but most of the officers are over 30-35)
Regular RvR and PvE activity.

That is us.
If you want to make a trial period experiment or just have more information pm me or any other DA officer in-game.

Good luck finding the one that fits you ;)

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