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Discussion in 'Vanu Sovereignty' started by Turamber, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. Turamber

    Turamber Guest

    ... must have GSOH :) Would also be nice if it was of a medium size (not too big, not too small ... size does matter, but not as much as my girlfriend thinks :eek: ).

    Don't want to be 1337 or any of that crap, but I do want an effective outfit.
  2. Turamber join the Sov Guard. Very nice bunch of people many of which are ex Daoc'ers like you and I.
  3. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    Yes, join us, I'll look out for you (I've already spoken to you once in-game).

  4. Uriron

    Uriron Guest

    Muhaha welcome to the UK Dentists Turamber :)

    We certainly have the GSOH (except VeeCee who is the only person who laughs it his jokes)

    To you NC and Terrans look out 'cause Tur seems to be quite handy with his weaponry as well. Maybe you can pass that on to the rest of the outfit Tur :)
  5. Nearly nailed his ever present Fagrider with my Ubar-Mad-Reaver-Skillz(tm) but he hightailed it and lots of AA went off around me, so I had to break off my attack.

    Cornell got him later, though... lots of "w00t! w00t!" on /o. :p

    I will get your purple arse, Tuwambar!!1:eek:
  6. Turamber

    Turamber Guest

    I'm sure you will :) Was nice to get killed by an NC using something other than a jh :p
  7. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin Guest

    join HG and let Belsameth abuse you :)
  8. But he is a dentist.... and also an accountant. *confused*
  9. Jonaldo

    Jonaldo Guest

  10. Turamber

    Turamber Guest

    PS. I'm available again ... but, be warned, I'm hard work ;)
  11. The man is changing outfits more often than his underwear! :eek6:
  12. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    Is that since I saw you in the UK Dentists or have you now joined them?

    If you are actually looking for an outfit to join still, let me know and you can try out SG :p
  13. Turamber in outfit chain abuse shocker!!
    Full story in todays Game.Net forum!!

    Turamber, 30 something, from England was today revealed to be a chain outfit abuser our sources reveal. Not only is convicted of "hazardous driving resulting in accidental death of Vanu personnel" but he now also appears to be continued on page 5
  14. Damn!!
    *quickly goes to look at page 5*

    Sheep? Teh shock!!!1

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