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Discussion in 'Counter-Strike League' started by old.Number666, Jan 29, 2002.

  1. Im looking for a barrysworld cs clan....

    ive been playing on the net for a good few years now, started back on wireplay playing Team Fortress when you still got charged 1p min on top of whatever else you were paying back then! (*sigh* the wonders of a cable modem :) )

    i'm an lpb, im not one of the best players out there but im reliable and looking for regualr clan matches.

    icq : 61134344
    e-mail : kingcomedown@hotmail.com
    msn : " "


  2. old.French

    old.French Guest


    we might be interested... we are in the BWCSL... contact me by ICQ 39942086 or mIRC on quakenet #Team-OF

    [-OF-]French Terrorist {CL}
  3. MrChumble

    MrChumble Guest

    See my reply to the other post with similar subject.

    CIX have been around for a long time (fast approaching our 4th birthday) and also started out playing TF (badly) on hideous hpb connections.

    We're not the best, although we have our moments. If you're interested come to our irc channel #cix on irc.barrysworld.com. Ask for Spooky, he's the clan leader.

  4. :)
  5. Thanx for all the offers and trials guys.

    Ive joined =]BAD[=

    w00p! :cool:

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