Long time no song.


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Jan 23, 2004
This ain't perfect, been a while, hope you enjoy. Go MC hammer!!

You can't nerf this (Repeat 5x)

My, my, my backstab hits albs so hard
Makes me say "Oh gosh mythic!"
Thank you for giving me,
An ability to hide and a set of fast feet.
It feels good, when i see a full group down.
A super dope stelathguy from mularn town.
And unlike a hibernian elf,
this is a char, uh, you can't nerf.

I told on patchday (You can't nerf this)
Yeah, that's how we killing and you know (You can't nerf this)
Look at my axes, maaan (You can't nerf this)
Yo, let me coat them with poison (You can't nerf this)

Fresh new styles, advance
You get hit first, and you know your in a trance.
Can't move, curse in your seat.
And wait for a second for a nice treat.
Here comes the hamstring, hold on,
Wait a little bit and your group knows what's on.
Like that, like that,
SB on a mission make them fall back.
Let 'em know, that you're too much
And this is a char, uh, you can't touch.

Yo, I told you (You can't nerf this)
Can't see me there, maaan? (You can't nerf this)
Yo, sound the bell, school is in, sucka (You can't nerf this)

Give me a song, a skald rhythm
Make 'em bleed, poisons I'm giving 'em.
Now, they know,
You talking about a shadowblade, you talking about a show,
that's leet, in a fight.
Albs are sweating so pass them a wipe,
or a link, to learn,
What's it gonna take in the BG's to burn.
The chars? Legit.
Either play hard or you might just type /quit.

That's DAoC because you know...

You can't nerf this (Repeat 3x)

Bring it on! (Music breaks down) Stop, Buff-up time!

Go for the keep, it is said,
That if you can't get buffs, then you probably end up dead.
So wave your hands in the air.
Buff a few dudes, i don't need none, so give them my share.
This is it, i'm a winner.
Try to beat this and you'll get called a whiner.
Move, or i'll kick your rump.
When we get the keep let's all do the bump, bump, bump...

Yeah... (You can't nerf this)
Look, man (You can't nerf this)
You better log out, boy, because you know (You can't nerf this)
Hey look! Keepdoors's back up (You can't touch this)

Break it down! (Crazy bridge) Stop, Training time!

You can't nerf this (Repeat 4x)

Break it down! (Nice pants, Hammer) Stop, Buff-up time!

Every time you see me,
i'm just the kind of type,
that you're allready on the floor from my stealthy strike.
Now why would I ever stop doing this?
When other realms got gimps that just don't hit.
I made my own damn account, didn't buy it from Ebay.
It's "Backstab, drop poison, hit again, do it again"
And this is the way we play.

You can't nerf this (Repeat 8x)

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