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Discussion in 'Lock On: Modern Air Combat' started by Deadmanwalking, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. Gumbo

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  2. Cdr

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    Couple of lovely screenshots for ya.


  3. Re: Re: Lock On Demo

    You need a hobby :p
  4. 7th

    7th Guest

    i am ar l33t spaeker for community, this gaem rok!!!1

  5. Gumbo

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    Re: Re: Re: Lock On Demo

    I have a hobby, it's correcting you..., until the full version of this fantastic looking game comes out, then I'll have a whole new one :D
  6. Am i that loved ... *sniff sniff*

    Im touched Gumbo, i really am.
  7. Gumbo

    Gumbo Guest


    I fear this will be the way of things for my lomac'ing.

    And can we please have images turned on in here please?

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