LGM Spellcrafter accepting orders


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 16, 2004
125g per item + material-costprice (which comes down to 1p for a complete set of 8 items plus material costs).
Flat rate for non-overcharged item: 100g

I might ask for the items and/or the base price (number of oc-ed items * 125g) to be upfronted.

I only craft during weekdays, office-hours, but I can usually guarantee that the order will be made in 5 days or less (most likely far less) after having received the template, barring accidents/broken computers/fatal illnesses etc.

For overcharging I use the following gem-quality
5 points overcharge = 4 * 99%+ gems.
4 points overcharge = 3 * 99%+ gems and 1 * 98%+ gem.
3 points overcharge = 2 * 99%+ gems and 2 * 98%+ gems.
2 points overcharge = 1 * 99%+ gem and 3 * 98%+ gems.
1 point overcharge = 4 * 98%+ gems.

If anyone wants to place an order, let me know (either here or ingame), and I'll let you know where to send the template.

For people who like to have an order done against a fixed price: I am open to suggestions/offers.



Fledgling Freddie
Dec 23, 2003
its cheaper than in albion

usually around 200 per item as a base price

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