LD when /release


Fledgling Freddie
Sep 2, 2004
Anyone else noticed a strange bug where when you /release in the frontier you reappear in Castle Sausage, then go sort of LD? Pretty much everytime I /release I end up in this state - have to use the task mangler to end the program.

Its a funny sort of ld - I still seem to receive all the information from the server, so I can see people walking about, talking, I can see group chat, and I can move my avatar - but from the bb's view (on a second pc) the alt isn't moving, and he can't speak at all, and I've got the middle square on the lag-o-meter red (can't remember if thats the lost packets or latency lag one).

It only started happening when I upgraded my pc, which involved reinstalling windows, using latest directx, graphics drivers, mobo drivers (which includes sound and ethernet drivers). Unfortunatley - this coincided with the catacombs patch so don't know which caused it. (pc spec is AMD64 3500+ with 2 gig ram, Radeon 800XL graphics card). I've only got the windows firewall running, (nvidia nforce4 hardware firewall is broken as far as I can see so I disabled it). Using symmantec anti-virus.

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