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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by klavrynd, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. klavrynd

    klavrynd Fledgling Freddie

    is there a way to expand the pryd/excal subsection things so you get the same like on BW? kinda annoying to click the little links
  2. Gombur Glodson

    Gombur Glodson Fledgling Freddie

    Agree with this.
  3. Brynn

    Brynn Can't get enough of FH

    Yea, too confusing as is
  4. SFXman

    SFXman Can't get enough of FH

    I don't like this layout much either. But let us not complain, we are merely asking :D
  5. Embattle

    Embattle FH is my second home

  6. SFXman

    SFXman Can't get enough of FH

    Mm... post information on the left is muchos better :clap:
  7. SoulFly

    SoulFly Can't get enough of FH

    I hate these components which need to be enabled for no reason.

    As I said in a post, it's not nice to click on every pop up box saying do you want to allow this and that component, active-x and so forth. remove em :<
  8. Flesh

    Flesh Banned

    The layout is confusing, and the colour scheme is far too scary and garish to be used at 2am in the morning... which is when the trolls come out! :O
  9. Flesh

    Flesh Banned

    I have to say though, I like quick reply. :p
  10. Flesh

    Flesh Banned

    Whaddel fork!
    The timer between posts has changed from 20 seconds to 30 seconds!
    That's evil imo. :(
  11. ElemenT

    ElemenT Can't get enough of FH

    Very confusing forum layout :)
  12. Cyfr

    Cyfr Banned

    This layout is ugly.. :(
  13. Luribomb

    Luribomb Fledgling Freddie

    I like the oldskool barrysworld layout *sniff*

    Anyway, I think ze blogfreak iz right!
  14. 'Shy

    'Shy One of Freddy's beloved

    Tum te tum, touch my bum :eek:
  15. Flesh

    Flesh Banned

    <touches> :(
  16. Flesh

    Flesh Banned

    Hmm, does that mean I'm your bitch now?:(
  17. bigchief

    bigchief Fledgling Freddie

    edit the options and get the daoc colours back (that muddy thing)
  18. Jupitus

    Jupitus Old and short, no wonder I'm grumpy! Staff member Moderator FH Subscriber

    .. or use the 'quick forum style change' drop down on the bottom left....
  19. Flesh

    Flesh Banned

    Don't see it ...
  20. Flesh

    Flesh Banned

    Ah found it :O
  21. Flesh

    Flesh Banned

    Hmm, just changes the colours around, the layout is still confusing and scary, and with the DAoC colours it's even worse. :(
  22. bigade

    bigade Fledgling Freddie

    you can easily merge the 3 posts into 1 flesh
  23. klavrynd

    klavrynd Fledgling Freddie

    amagaaaad, it's teh ade with a new avatar

    <pulls ade's moustache>
  24. Thorarin

    Thorarin Fledgling Freddie

    Stlong postfarming to get a headstart I guess :)
    Anyway, I agree that having post info on the left is much better than the new Top option. Less interruption in reading the discussion and easier on the eyes :)
  25. Shanaia

    Shanaia Fledgling Freddie

    hahahahah .. first post by Klav is of course a whine

    well at least you can claim you're predictable right?
  26. Shanaia

    Shanaia Fledgling Freddie

    Why would he do that?.. he's postfarming to be uber

    hmm did I just reply in 2 posts where I could have done it in one?

  27. Danya

    Danya Fledgling Freddie

    Luckily post counts are off anyway. :D
  28. klavrynd

    klavrynd Fledgling Freddie

    hardly a whine, and ITS A LOWERCASE 'k'
  29. Flesh

    Flesh Banned

    I could have. :(
  30. Flesh

    Flesh Banned

    Click user names, drop down box, search for other posts by the user, comes up with a list, at the top it happens to say xx out of xxxxx matches ...
    Postcounts are not off!

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