Labyrinth Raid Saturday 14th July 20.00 CET

Discussion in 'Midgard' started by Aberrathien, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Aberrathien

    Aberrathien Fledgling Freddie

    Im making another of these runs, as the last was very fun and gave some nice loot as well. Merc got a new bow for her collection for example... :p

    This time Ill try to round up 2 grps as that wil increase our chances to do the big bosses...
    1st grp: Mellee grp

    1: Warr/thane/valk Shield specced
    2: Warr/thane/valk Shield specced
    3: Light tank
    4: Light tank
    5: Light tank
    6: Shammy, bot specced
    7: Healer Auger
    8: Healer Any spec

    2nd grp: Pba grp

    1: Supp SM/WL
    2: Supp SM/WL
    3: Supp SM/WL
    4: Supp SM/WL
    5: Supp RM for PBT
    6: Shammy bot specced
    7: Healer Paccer
    8: Healer Any spec

    Thats the setup im hoping for.
    Im not claiming anything, no mods of any kind, just wanting to do a ood fun raid, hoping to get some nice OTDs along the way. :) Hope many of u will join, if more than 2 grps sign up, ill just create for any and all here!!

    Raidmaster Aber :cheers:
  2. Ashgen

    Ashgen One of Freddy's beloved

    Yes please

    I would be up for that, as no doubt would my lad.

    We can provide from the following:

    Skald or SM


    Savage or Shaman


    Healer (PaC)

    Choose from 2 of the 3 above. We have three accounts, but can only obviously play two of them at a time, if you see what I mean.


  3. Haldar

    Haldar Fledgling Freddie

    i'd like to join with sb and shammie. SB aint a light tank, though, but not gimp either.
  4. mercury

    mercury Fledgling Freddie

    lab raid

    Can bring any class you need except pac healer. Would prefer to bring Curie (Aug/Mend Healer) or Cricke (Dark BD) - but whatever you need is cool.



  5. mikey

    mikey Fledgling Freddie

    Sounds grand - I can bring Supp SM or RM, aug healer or warrior, personal pref being the SM, but all good :)
  6. Agrivia

    Agrivia Loyal Freddie

    Sounds fun :) I missed previous raids as I was working but I'm off on 14th so would like to bring my Aug Healer Ceddwen
  7. BaTDiE

    BaTDiE One of Freddy's beloved

    Sounds a lot of fun. I would like to sign up with my warrior Batdie, I can bring buffbot 47 aug / 26 mend too if needed.
  8. Chr Thornhoj

    Chr Thornhoj Fledgling Freddie

    Attention: All Read This Post Plz

    Sorry to be the one to bring bad news, but Abers computer have been KIA and he will not have another one for saturday, so he will not be able to lead the laby raid.
    I should greet from him and say that he hope that someone will take over the raid, cause otherwise it will have to be cancelled.

    Hope you get it running anyway:cheers:
  9. Haldar

    Haldar Fledgling Freddie

    *raises hand*

    I will take Aber's place then, if noone objects. Did a raid there already once (except Maghras), so it wont be an alien thing.

    Gonna be a little change to grp setup though, want to make it as my last raid - i.e. come all who wish, sort grps on spot, go kill mobs once for each grp for OTDs and more drops.
  10. Haldar

    Haldar Fledgling Freddie

    Raid is today, bg will by up @ 19.40 cet on Hroft-E
  11. aika

    aika Can't get enough of FH

    will try to come on valk :)
  12. Olvoair

    Olvoair Fledgling Freddie

    I would like to come with my Warrior Olvoair.
  13. Agrivia

    Agrivia Loyal Freddie

    Excellent evening, very good raid and superb lotto. Thanks to Hroft for running this, and also thanks to all who turned up and behaved in such a way as to make it a success.

    See you all again soon

    a.k.a Ceddwen - Aug Healer
  14. rematt

    rematt Fledgling Freddie

    lo guys

    :) 1st time in FH for me..
    hello to all



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