Killed a wolf!!!

Discussion in 'Midgard' started by rivan, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. rivan

    rivan Fledgling Freddie

    Since Barrysworld is going offline, can we keep the thread going over here? I have a memory like a sieve.

    Date: 21.01.04
    Time: 18:00 CET | 17:00 GMT
    Loc : Malmo, Lake

    See you later all! (You too Light) :fluffle:
  2. Warlock

    Warlock Fledgling Freddie

    We meet today at 18:00 CET.
    Same place.

    Donna already logged there (thx to Eweny for skald support).
    Getting new cable atm.
  3. Burlesk

    Burlesk Fledgling Freddie

    Yeah looking forward to it. Getting closer the goal every day ^^
  4. Neo

    Neo Loyal Freddie

    il be back at 20:00 as l8est, Rl bud will tank with Ness ti`l im back, (be gentle to him) and be friends now :)
  5. Burlesk

    Burlesk Fledgling Freddie

    Ofcourse we will be friends now =P

    We were yesterday to i hope, just some irritation when we dont get exp, but that goes for all of us.. hope thijs will be a better day. :flame:
  6. rivan

    rivan Fledgling Freddie

    such bug abuse from <Nazgul> Naitzerk, <Vintergatan> Granitir, <Vintergartan> Egget and <Vintergartan> Ost though :twak:

    ban imo :(

    anyway, see yas later :cheers:
  7. Burlesk

    Burlesk Fledgling Freddie

    We start 18:30cet tomorrow, meet at Malmo entrance, you should have trained by then. We play until 01:00 or as long as we want. :wub:
  8. rivan

    rivan Fledgling Freddie

    good going tonight :D

    killed a wolf!
    killed a wolf!
    killed a wolf!
    got 3 hitted by a wolf!
    killed a wolf!
    killed a wolf!

    i will do my absolute best to get our new SC done by then. farmed 3 plat now, so :m00:
  9. Neo

    Neo Loyal Freddie

    was bored so i changed our emblem, much nicer now imo :)
    white/blue with wings... looks kickass, hope y`al like it :D
  10. Neo

    Neo Loyal Freddie

    Next exp session is Sunday the 25th, all meet at malmo entrance at 12:00 CET, post here if the time isnt good 4 j0..
  11. Burlesk

    Burlesk Fledgling Freddie

    Time is fine by me and im sorry for not showing up last night, had some girlproblems and that i had to take care of, its cool now and everythings fine and i hope u will forgive me, see u at Sunday 12:00 :)
  12. Neo

    Neo Loyal Freddie

    shit happends sometimes, glad it all worked out for u :)
    cya tomorrow m8
  13. Burlesk

    Burlesk Fledgling Freddie

    Thanks m8 :)
  14. Burlesk

    Burlesk Fledgling Freddie

    18:00 CET tomorrow @ Malmö Entrance.
  15. Eendunn

    Eendunn Loyal Freddie

    Sorry for not returing yesterday...had some minor problems with my server/family again (damit) hope i will be online tomorow tho

  16. Nait

    Nait Fledgling Freddie

    Well if u think we abused a bug i just like to say let me abuse it 20 more times then maybe maybe we are even whit goa then :kissit:
  17. etcetra

    etcetra Fledgling Freddie

    even with goa?

    :wij: my bum.
  18. Nait

    Nait Fledgling Freddie

  19. harebear

    harebear Fledgling Freddie

    sorry guys, had ISP problems last night and early today.. got internet back then account was closed.. goa wouldnt let me reopen ot for ages etc.. logged on now (7pm gmt) where are you guys? ;x
  20. Warlock

    Warlock Fledgling Freddie

    We are all lvl 40 now.
    Last three days were really shitty.
    For example: today there was only one SM. Me.

    If tomorrow (wed 28th) will be the same shit, this exp group will be cancelled :(
  21. Exioce

    Exioce Part of the furniture FH Subscriber

  22. rivan

    rivan Fledgling Freddie

    apologies for yesterday, i won't explain on here.

    see you later, and lets all make an effort. :wub:

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