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Apr 13, 2006
Yes, my friends ps3 broke.

He came round mine explaining that his PS3 just died for no reason.
I asked him if he used any buggerd games, dvds, or blu-ray. He said no. I asked him if he dropped it etc. No, no no.

So I went round his to have a look. He had put black duct tape over the air vents. All of them.

I said 'why have you put duct tape over the vents?'

He replys with this:

'I am really cautious about my ps3. I really look after it. I don't want dust getting inside it so I covered up the holes to stop dust from getting in.'

I was in tears.

My friend has got a phone call from some Sony branch. Apparently he will be getting a new PS3. They explained that the system had overheated (Duh?) and that he should take care of where he puts his ps3. They suggested a well ventilated area LMAO! Anyway, they said the system should have shut down automatically but it didn't. And the reason they are giving him a new one is because they don't have any refurbished systems in there branch LMAO!! Guess they havent experienced a broken PS3 b4 lol.

Wow, as so many people are reading this. you should check out YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

I though it was funneh :mad:

Stupid Friend.. - Blu-ray Forum

^ ze proof.


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Mar 13, 2004
I sure hope it's an American forum..if it's not 07-03-2007 SAYS OLD!

Good find though :D


Fledgling Freddie
Oct 27, 2004
hahha, this was a comment on the forum

"This gives me a good idea. I don't like getting dust up my nose and in my mouth - it makes me sneeze.



Fledgling Freddie
May 18, 2004
I love the comments given by the teenagers.

'It looks like a tree!'

No - its a guy with branches infront of him you fuckin moron.

Bloudy americans.

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