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Discussion in 'War Craft III' started by plightstar, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. plightstar

    plightstar Guest

    I've been playing Skirmish and Mutil-player but a few eeks back my mate said how far are u in the Single-player I was like, Oh haven't played started the Orc Campaign but that was it.

    Two weeks later I've finished it and wow I love the single-player after the credits came up it makes me wonder what would I have seen if I completed it on Hard.
  2. The Kingpin

    The Kingpin Guest

    A battle between the starcraft marines and the zerg using the warcraft engine. :p
  3. Kindar

    Kindar Guest

    quite funny...the marines and zerglings/hydralisk are too in the editor. So you can make maps with them as creeps or hireble mercs :)

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