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Discussion in 'Neocron' started by old.Ayam Ganbatte, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. ...and I already have to download a huge patch. Not very impressive to a 56k modem user.

    And the whole 'enter server IP' thing just smacks of amateurism.

    I haven't read any reviews on this game, just bought it because I saw it and I have money to splurge, and shall post my opinion of it here soon, because your lives hang on my every word.

    On initial impressions reading through the instruction manual it seems high on storyline (although that storyline is quite a cliched cyberpunkish history), but low on characterisation of player characters (I want to feel like an individual on these games, why else did I play an augmentation healer in Dark Age of Camelot?).

    That is all, you can get off the edge of your seat now and settle back comfortably.
  2. littleone

    littleone Guest

    hmm uninstaled and cancelled here.

    you will enjoy if you can speak german maybe :p
  3. My CD key was invalid... great. After leaving the laptop on overnight to download the patches, the CD key affair is one hurdle too many if the company doesn't reply to my support call soon.

    I think I'll end up like you, littleone, before I even play the damn game. At least I'll get my money back, I guess.
  4. Well, I finally got to play this game last night after the company sorted out my CD key, and it was absolutely surreal.

    Let me put it into perspective: I was a bit tipsy from a Christmas party, it was 3am, I managed to get down to the apartment lobby where I met two other players who weren't afraid to stop for a long chat, which is something that I haven't really encountered in other games, and which is what I enjoy the most. It was a very brief foray into the world, but it seems fairly fun on initial impressions (haven't got to combat yet, though), and the environment seems more mature and adult-oriented than other games that I've played. I do lament no third person perspective, but it's not every game that I can log out inside a gogo bar.
  5. Belsameth

    Belsameth Guest

    Alt-E gives you 3rd person, tho it plays quite horrible.

    give me an Email in game if you need any help with items/cash, I'm not rich but I might be able to help out a bit..:)
  6. Bure Ygg

    Bure Ygg Guest

    hmm i think the game can be realy fun if u like cyber RPG but like all new game a special MMORPG it is hard before u have leard it and it take often about 1 month to learn a new MMORPG and even after that u still dont know all things :)

    AND to: littleone are u sure u did not choose the German server JUPITER ?

    for on PLUTO i have not seen any Gremen in main chat yet (only played 4 days :) )
  7. I agree, it is the learning of a new command system that is putting me off the most about Neocron, but all these games have a learning curve and I guess I'm too used to other MMORPG controls. I still haven't figured out how to combat, but have been having fun chatting with others that I meet, the sparse population is a blessing in disguise because people actually stop to talk to you. Seeing another player is a relative rarity compared to other games so we are more inclined to stop and talk.

    And thanks for the advice Soulcatcher, I'll try to email you if I can figure out how (why can't they have Yahoo accounts on the interface? heehee).
  8. Hell's teeth, I've just been to the official neocron forums as well, the participants seem a hell of a lot more mature than on other MMORPG forum boards. Even what some would say are 'whines' are intelligently argued. I may just have found a game where the average conversational level is actually enjoyable to me!
  9. Xtro

    Xtro Guest


    Just like to say thanks for your frequent posts re: Neocron. I play daoc on Mid/Pryd too and whilst I still like the game I feel like a change.

    I used to LOVE Anarchy Online and only stopped playing due to friends switching to daoc. Neocron looks kind of similar, I really have missed a sci-fi rpg. I bought AC2 but hmm well its a bit empty atm.

    Anyway Im off to buy Neocron tomorrow thanks to you. Look forward to seeing some BW forumites there :)
  10. Argh, but I'm easily impressed on first impressions, I always go for the good looking girls, not the ugly ones with personality, you shouldn't trust my judgement!

    Seriously, though, it is an absorbing environment, I just don't spend a lot of time at my computer online any more (making amateur music and movies now *gasp*) so I dip into it now and then, and anything half decent is going to blow my socks off given my lack of involvement with it.

    Man, morale of the story: Don't trust Ayam Ganbatte, he speaks so much bull you'd swear he had a nose-ring. Then again, given the amount of metal I'm listening to these days, that may not be so far off.

    Still, hope it's fun for more prolonged players. Good luck Xtro and hope to see you on whichever damn server I'm on when I get on. Oh, AC2 being a bit empty? I think you may find the same in Neocron. Still, do tell your first impressions, I'm interested in other people's stories.
  11. Belsameth

    Belsameth Guest

    it's not.
    the bugs really get to you at some point, and they're more fond of the Bat of Uber Nerfing then Mythic is when confronted with someone carrying a bow...
  12. Hmm, I've heard of the copious bugs in Neocron; really though as long as I can get a good bit of conversation out of a game I'm a happy chappy. If we could round up all the interesting, imaginative people from every online game, and give only them access to a single server, that would be my ideal MMORPG. Game mechanics aren't a -patch- (pun semi-intended) on the company you keep.
  13. Belsameth

    Belsameth Guest

    people outweigh gameplay for me too, tho gameplay also takes quite a share...and using a Rifle without Weaponlore (because I want to be a constructor) makes it quite impossible to even kill the smallest of bugs....I couldn't hit a barn anymore if I was inside...

    if you remember your server again, and it happens to be Saturn, I can dump some surplus gear on you btw...
  14. seranu

    seranu Guest

    Well it took me about my free period to really learn and enjoy the game ;) Now I'm quite addicted to it as I was with daoc once I first got it...

    I'm a pure researcher, and loving every bit of it ;) Tradeskillers usually get more social contact with other players than tanks, which I like a lot...

    And for specializing your character, there are tons of ways mate... Now daoc does not have many ways to go and not much variance.
    I've also encountered quite a lot of RP players at least on Pluto (and no there are almost no germans there, not that speak german anyways). As an example I am very fond of a customer named Don Knox. He lives in his huge lvl 3 appartment in Viarosso by the sea. I usually do very big orders for him, researching hundreds of BPs and dussins of rares, so he always invites me up to his appartment. Well he's almost always there, so just ring the doorbell and he'll open. Anyways, he is a RPer and really lives into the game as he is a citizen as well. He buys whisky for when I come over, and we usually sit in his living room chatting a long while before I begin my work...
    And things like this really add to the gaming experience. Just roleplay, and people will roleplay with you as well as most are quite mature people. There are actually no crazy 12-year old spanish dudes or dudettes I've seen so far...

    Anyways, when you get the game, give it some time, cause it's far different from any other mmorpg, and I think this game, when it is running smoothly and after a few (ok quite many but still) patches, has the potential to be one of the best mmorpgs launched to date...

    And if you need a researcher on Pluto, contact me via email or 'directs' in game...

    /Wid, Researcher of The Khans TL133/150
  15. masentaja

    masentaja Guest

    Damn that really sounds awesome in my ears. I've been thinking to get Neocron. Tried few days the beta, was a bit impressed. After all, its one of its kind. FPS MMORPG.

    I think roleplaying would bring greater deepness in this game. Hell, maybe I'll just dload it and buy a account.. maybe we see someday in Neocron mate *chuckles*

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