jk2 sounds in jka

Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by [JKoN]KOSH, Sep 28, 2003.

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    jk2 skin sounds in jka
    hi all

    This is for those of u that have wanted your jk2 skin in jka but have found u have no sounds ( dark, blade to name but 2 hehe).

    simply enough this is what u do :

    if u donot have one create a config file in your main skins folder (the one with the all the .jpgs) call it sounds (if you do then just edit ), then input your text on the 1st and second line to they match this :


    of course change the name so its the name of your skin, also if you a female skin make it "f" and not "m" male = male f = female.

    then just re-pack your .pk3 and away u go , easy

    oh 1 last thing untill raven sort it out stereo sounds max out at 128kps :( u might need to resample :(


    For blade :

    extract your skin with winzip, do what u need , then to repack as a .pk3, to do this blade zip it as a normal file BUT u MUST us the .pk3 extention ie call it blade.pk3 that will create your pk3

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