jk2 lag advice

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    JK2 lag advice

    some of you will know this some of you may not, so ........

    most people seem to use the default settings for tweaking the JK2 netcode or use settings not designed for their connection.

    there are three settings for JK2

    rate, snaps and cl_maxpackets

    rate and maxpackets determine client to server update rates and snaps determine server to client.

    apparently snaps *does* affect the quality of your connection if you set it wrong although its not that noticable. according to people who know its best to set it the same as the server sv_fps, which on BW servers is 20. rate and maxpackets has a noticable affect on your connection.

    For MODEMs

    rate 3000
    cl_maxpackets 30
    snaps 20

    For ISDN

    rate 5000
    cl_maxpackets 50
    snaps 20

    For Broadband

    rate 12000
    cl_maxpackets 80
    snaps 20

    BW servers have a rate of 12000 any broadband problems and id drop ur rate to 8000

    you should note that JK2 netcode is linked to your framerate (turn the counter on using the command cg_drawfps 1) so if you have a framerate < 30 then you will lag a lot. You can turn on a graphic of your lag using the command g_lagometer 1. If its all blue and green you are OK, if you see any yellow or red you have a dodgy connection.

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