It's Christmas time on Phoenix (Notes inside for bonuses and events)

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May 30, 2007
Its Christmas time …
… and we would like to thank you all for playing Phoenix. You are making this a place to meet old and new friends. Phoenix is live for nearly 11 months and as time is passing by, christmas is just around the corner.

Before you will spend time with your family and friends, we would like to hand out some „presents“ to you. Therefor we will have some rotating feather bonuses for you until christmas.

Dec 2nd - Dec 8th: 3 times feather bonus when killing realm dragons & Legion and 2 times feather bonus for killing bosses in Summoners Hall
Dec 9th - Dec 15th: 3 times feather bonus when killing bosses in SI Dungeons & SI Mainlands & Classic Mainlands
Dec 16th - Dec 22nd: 2 times feather bonus in Epic Dungeons

We would also like to announce that we will have one final event for 2019, starting on Dec 13th and ending on Dec 15th. More infos on that very soon.

So enjoy the December on Phoenix and have a great time playing.
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