Is it true?

Discussion in 'Albion' started by NightyP, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. NightyP

    NightyP Guest

    That pryd Alb killed the behemoth in DF? :)
    And what was the stats on its drop?
  2. Vladamir

    Vladamir Guest

  3. Yussef

    Yussef Guest

    No, if you've heard this rumour in the last few days, I know Legion dropped. Probably in some very bizarre way, that info morphed into something else!
  4. voltage

    voltage Guest

    I forget which is which, we killed the big fat worm back in the days of SotL+LoE but the guy who is in the room that legion ports u to has not be downed afaik
  5. Yussef

    Yussef Guest

    Worm = Beliathan
    Giant Plated Fiend = Behemoth
  6. bulge

    bulge Guest

    Isnt Behemoth supposed to be lev 99 and unkillable?
  7. yeah well... like 90% of this game isnt 'supposed' to be something :rolleyes:
  8. old.Bubble

    old.Bubble Guest

    only unkillable if they- 'Swifty Dodge your blow'

    Edit- And he does i believe
  9. We should try to focus him down with cabalist + necro + mincer + paladin + 4 clerics with bof :x

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