Invitation to Mids & Albs.


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 23, 2003
<i posted this on BW as well>

Hello honoured enemy,

My small guild is running an exp group at the moment, only once a week or so just for fun. Most of us are 33 - 35 now & i was thinking of spending an evening this week running round bg3, maybe giving some of our newer members the chance to see an enemy or 2, perhaps showing them how to use seige equipment, i guess you know the drill.

Anyways, i was hoping some of you may turn out to make the evening a bit more enjoyable, whats the chance ? or am i being a bit to hopeful ?


Path Somnaire GM of The Order of the Sacred Oaks.



Well, for the last few nights I've been solo in Caledonia, or with a few albs, running around at peak times. Had some action on Friday/Saturday night but after then there has been nothing.

I am about 0.5 from 36, so you missed me. Which, tbh, is lucky for you ;)

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