Discussion in 'New Conglomerate' started by [PS]Riddler, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. [PS]Riddler

    [PS]Riddler Guest

    That there are no topics in this forum :p
  2. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    The spam is strong in this one.

    On another note - how you doing mate? :)
  3. Stonebits

    Stonebits Guest

    NC must be too busy playing to spam here...... *cough*
  4. Garaen

    Garaen Guest

    Strong post Riddler, strong post :D

    I've had to log about 10 minutes after the two past times i've logged in. I'm not a velly happy boy.
  5. Garaen

    Garaen Guest

    Also tradeskilling in DAoC atm, i feel like chewing my arm off tbh. :(
  6. [PS]Riddler

    [PS]Riddler Guest

    Ooo, seems to have generated a bit o life in this place ;)

    Xtro: Am doing great mate, and yourself? Just had a week off work to be lazy and get fat ;) Spent most of my time playing PS :p

    Amso: Can i have a nibble please? Im kinda hungry atm ;)
  7. Gef

    Gef Guest

    I shall come and drink some beer and play some PS tonight methinks. Much changed in my hibernation period?
  8. Yoni

    Yoni Guest

    you would be welcome in your reaver gef :p
  9. TRUCKER RETURNS!!! :clap:

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