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Inept (Destruction) looking to fill a few spots

Discussion in 'Karak Eight Peaks' started by eksdee, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. eksdee

    eksdee FH is my second home


    we are a small guild of friends from ancient times on prydwen (mostly from alb) and more recently mid/temair. we're focused on running guild RvR groups for end game and generally having a good time together.

    sadly (and inevitably really) we lost a few people to the grind, so being already small on numbers we find ourselves in a position where we'd like to flesh out a little.

    the spots we're looking to fill currently:

    zealot - 2 spots
    black orc - 1 maybe 2 spots
    magus - 2 spots
    sorc - 1 spot

    please note: firstly, your char must already be at least 20, preferably 30+ and no other classes will be considered unless you're a long lost friend of someone already in the guild or so :p

    we're generally all around 20 years old, with a few older exceptions ;D so please bare that in mind when applying, while we all very chilled and like to have a laugh, if you're 15 years old the chances of you fitting in are generally zero. other requirements are pretty standard - be able to at least listen on vent, be fairly active, speak at least semi-decent english, don't be an idiot. ETC! we would also prefer to take ex-daocers and people that we at least vaguely know/know of in some capacity, but that is totally open to negotiation in the right circumstances.

    please contact miri through irc: #inept (

    or put a direct application through our web-site: Inept : Because We Are

    or you can e-mail for the next couple of days as i will be semi without a computer until sunday:
  2. eksdee

    eksdee FH is my second home

    still looking! sorc spot has been taken by a sexy greek though ^^

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