Increase of destealth during crit?!


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Dec 22, 2003
Anyone else noticed an increases rate of destealth while nocking an arrow since last patch (Catacombs)?
I`m specced 50 lb and always had a stealth/destealth ratio of approximately 5:1. Now it seems like this ratio is reversed, I`m unstealthing a lot more than I´m staying stealthed.
Did they adjust the propability? Couldn´t find anything in the patchnoes.


Fledgling Freddie
Oct 7, 2004
i seem to have same prob with my ranger. but the changes for me is not dramatical. i have 40 in bow. usually when i crit im in a position that i dont really care if im stealthed or not.

i have read allso the whole patch notes and didnt see eny mention. Mybe they changed it with cata and didnt report. dunno....

hope they fix it for the snipers couse they need stealth more than enything

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