Important:need opinions


Loyal Freddie
Jan 27, 2004
Please tell me who would like a 2h pally in AC in your grp.Be sincer :)


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 25, 2004
Sincere opinion? It depends on the circumstances. Obviously you're going to get passed over for a s/s pally if there's only room for one, don't think there can be much doubt about that. On the other hand, depending on the group setup there's no particular reason to turn away a 2h pally. The main problem you'll face will be when people are specifically looking for someone to fill a certain role, which is when you're in trouble: a s/s pally will bring more to the group as a whole and a merc/armsman will do more damage.

Remember this is a considered opinion, and hence has no sway over individuals that will consider you to be a gimp without stopping to think.

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