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Discussion in 'Albion' started by Thegreatest, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. Thegreatest

    Thegreatest Fledgling Freddie

    Well, I've stopped playing DAoC around 2 months ago. In those 2 months, I've played several other MMORPG's (mostly beta). To name a few:

    Fung Wan Online (Open Beta) - Worthless
    Horizons (Bought the game) - Didnt run smooth on my comp, bad PVE, no RVR at all.
    Wish (Closed Beta) - Point n Click, bad graphics, etc. etc.
    LineAge 2 (Open Taiwan Beta) - Great graphics, nice combat system. Very laggy tho (Taiwan) and most language is Taiwanese. Also didnt liked the skill system.
    WoW (Leaked Alpha) - Great game, when it's out, I will be definitly playing WoW :)

    My point is, after playing all those games, I've discovered how good and fun DAoC actually is :). So I've decided to renew my subscription for 1 month. Maybe I wont be playing as long as before (I just cant due irl issues, my mum has cancer, she's in the hospital etc.) but don't be surprised when you see me around :). I will mainly focus on getting my sorcerer to lvl 50 and I will also be playing bg1 a lot. Will be great to see my old friends again :)
  2. old.windforce

    old.windforce Part of the furniture

    welcome back :D

    /edit: nerf reading posts bad :(. i really hope your mum gets well. cancer is nasty thing
  3. Sycho

    Sycho Can't get enough of FH

    My mum had cancer, horrible thing it is :( she recovered from it though so i hope yours can and i am sure she will :) sorry to hear about it.
  4. :) and :mad: , sorry to hear that :(
  5. Huntingtons

    Huntingtons Resident Freddy

    welcome back... and hope she recovered... my mom had cancer too..

    /edit something had to be removed :)
  6. Anarki

    Anarki Fledgling Freddie

    welcome back :)
  7. Thegreatest

    Thegreatest Fledgling Freddie

    About that cancer thing: (actually I would not want to talk about it here but just a quick thing)

    Thank god she has the lightest cancer (breast cancer) that can be cured well if they discover it quickly. 1 of her breasts is now removed but she's still in the hospital for 3 weeks now. Her wounds haven't cured well so thats why she can't go home at the moment. Probably they will release her in 2-3 days but it isnt sure if the cancer has spread out or not. We will know that in about 10 days. Thanks for the (few ;)) reactions.
  8. Martok

    Martok Part of the furniture

    Hope she gets well soon m8 and lets pray it hasnt spread.

    also welcome back

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