IGI 2 bookable servers

Discussion in 'IGI 2 : Covert Strike' started by JK-Jack_Pepsi, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. Any word yet?

    I really want to start on my new division but need a place to praccy :(

    Also I was looking at your clan servers - I have to say I think you should look at the going market rate for clan servers....
  2. =M<P=Xerxes

    =M<P=Xerxes Guest

    Have seen the bookable servers up on ASE but no link to book them, also not updated to 1.1 version yet. :(
  3. =M<P=Xerxes

    =M<P=Xerxes Guest

    Good thing on the bookable server side. But still on version 1.0 not 1.1

    so a :clap: and a:puke:
  4. bigfoot

    bigfoot Guest

    Got a link for 1.1?
  5. bigfoot

    bigfoot Guest

    Nm I found it. Will ask if it is possible to get them updated.
  6. bigfoot

    bigfoot Guest

    They should be updated now.
  7. =M<P=Xerxes

    =M<P=Xerxes Guest

    They have all weekend, booked a praccy session.


    Ta very much

  8. dysfunction

    dysfunction Guest

    So I have to upgrade to 1.1 if I want to play online then?
  9. dysfunction

    dysfunction Guest

    Is there a specific time/day that you play?

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