If any looking for a guild heres some active guilds

Discussion in 'Hibernia' started by Baribaala, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. Baribaala

    Baribaala Fledgling Freddie

    Celtic Leaf Army could invite u but u gotta sign up still i think
    Ilfirin Arda Will invite u
    Fallen Spirits can always be in need of people
    And theres a few other guilds over gms post plz

    Hibernians Last hope to get this server active

    Mrmoosice/Baribaala Member of Fallen Spirits
    Vanyx Member of Atreides

    Lets GET EXC/PRYD ACTIVE AGAIN till warhammer bk out
  2. Shamealot

    Shamealot Fledgling Freddie

    Indeed our application is still open. Feel free to visit and register to our forum. The cla forum also contains the official LLH as forum btw.

  3. Arelas

    Arelas Fledgling Freddie

    Hmm mrmoo u get IA to sounds like nazi germany when u say it on the way :twak:

    We are just peep there like to have a artiv guild so we not get boring fast
  4. Enli

    Enli Fledgling Freddie

    if u sign up for jupiter u get craft-services of the tog but also alot of silly talk of us all :D
  5. J s p

    J s p Loyal Freddie

    I would have thought Jupiter recruitment would be closed, after most of CLA joined you.
  6. snoepie

    snoepie Fledgling Freddie

    my Honey guild needs bp's and lvls! :D
  7. kiliarien

    kiliarien Part of the furniture

    Indeed we will, although it's fair to say we're not RvR centred, many of us RvR but no set grp etc. We definitely cover all the LGM's for in-guild cheap prices.

    The only down side to the guild is Soul who constantly fantasises about sheep and makes his feelings clear on the subject in /gu - it can get ugly :p
  8. Baribaala

    Baribaala Fledgling Freddie

    yeah soz for how i put it bira and all the people in IA
  9. Tetley

    Tetley Fledgling Freddie

    Aye come to CLA. We are all youthful, rich, good looking, charming, tough and lie a lot. We do enjoy ourselves though. :)
  10. Arelas

    Arelas Fledgling Freddie

    U are still my friend, but it was not nice to say like the about IA as we are like one big family and as bira say then we are cheap LGM's crafter in guild, but im like the to all with my LGM sc'er :D
  11. Jupiter

    Jupiter Fledgling Freddie

    the guy apologised for it, get over it
  12. snoepie

    snoepie Fledgling Freddie

    should hear vent at times!
    it gets the most ugly when u ain't on it :<

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