i like this :)


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 9, 2004
MASTER LEVEL EXPERIENCE CHANGES Experienced Trials players who help less-experienced friends complete trials are now given Master Level Experience for providing this help. The system works as follows: - Experienced players who have attained at least Master Level 1 are given Master Level experience if they are in a group with any other player who is granted credit for completing a Trial Step. - In order to get ML experience for the kill, the experienced player must be grouped with at least one player receiving credit for completing the Trial step. - The experienced player helping out will recieve Master Level experience for each less-experienced player that he helps per Trial step. If one less-experienced player gets credit for completing the encounter, Master Level experience is granted to the helper. If two get credit, then twice the ML experience is granted to the helper, and so forth. - Master Level experience is given only on steps for which the experienced player has already completed. - Please note that Trials designed to be completed by solo players will not grant ML experience for anyone helping out.

i really really like this!! why?? coz u now get benefits from helping other on step u allready have made :) this is ofc best for ppl there like doing raids etc.!!
but what does u think about it??

edit: ofc i know that hardcore RvR player there only do the ML to do em will not help coz of this :D

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