How to unsubscribe permanently from DAOC?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by heilel, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. heilel

    heilel Fledgling Freddie

    A few months ago, I unsubscribed from DAOc, as I don't play it anymore.
    On a whim, I checked my subscription information and it had scheduled me for resubscription.
    So, I switched it off again and it was due to automatically take another subscription in the 1st of February, so it was lucky I checked.

    Is there a way to PERMANENTLY be removed from the GOA records?
  2. Falcon

    Falcon Fledgling Freddie

    Only getting your bank to cancel your card, GOA steal from you whenever they feel like it.
  3. Brannor McThife

    Brannor McThife Fledgling Freddie

    Nice to see you back and bitching as usual. (waits for the "witty" comeback)

    Anyway, he's partially correct. Your best bet, when subscribing to an online game, is to get a debit card specifically for that game, then when you're done, cancel the card. Makes it far easier to track your spending and stop paying in the end.

  4. mts

    mts Fledgling Freddie

    yeah i'd recommend this as well
  5. Graknak

    Graknak Fledgling Freddie

    can't you just remover yer CC number from the billing screen? or at least fill in some non-existing number?
  6. Iceflower

    Iceflower Fledgling Freddie

    Could get a bit embarrassing if you manage to fill in an existing card number :)

    Not to mention the legal implications...
  7. heilel

    heilel Fledgling Freddie

    Surely it must be possible to be completely removed from the records?
    IT can't be legal to take someone's money after they have SPECIFICALLY unsubscribed?
  8. Tilda

    Tilda Moderator Moderator

    You could email them mentioning the data protection act, remove your express permission for them to store your personal information, and ask them to delete all records. I think they're legally obliged to do that.

  9. cHodAX

    cHodAX I am a FH squatter

    They are under both British and EU law, my sister (studying for her LPC) confirmed that to me a while back.
  10. Dwali

    Dwali Can't get enough of FH

    or try remove auto renew then they wont renew...i have done it on 1 accont that will run out in mars
  11. Ctuchik

    Ctuchik FH is my second home

    read his post again mate :) hes done that and it keeps poping back to auto renewal :)
  12. heilel

    heilel Fledgling Freddie

    As pointed out, I have already removed autorenew.
    But yeah, it came back after a while.

    That's kinda scary.

    I suppose I have to write a letter to GOA to make sure they remove me permanently.
    I definitely don't want my CC details with them.
  13. Falcon

    Falcon Fledgling Freddie

    Admit it, you missed me :p
  14. Breon

    Breon Fledgling Freddie

    This is quite a few times now this has happened to people.

    Any one from Goa care to shed some light on the situation?
  15. Baxx

    Baxx Fledgling Freddie

    i used to play daoc by using my mothers cc, stopped that awhile back since i had money in my own account to pay for it ;P

    but now GOA/ ( or whoever takes the money from the card )

    have renewed 2 subs, one taken in euros, and one taken in sterling ^^;;


    so shes cancelled the cards and the bank has contacted the Fraud Squad (tm)

    so buh bye who ever is taking it. :cheers:
  16. Kidain

    Kidain Fledgling Freddie

    And the legal inplications of a company taking Your money when they are NOT allowed....
    Me i would have kept any e-mails or took a screenie of the day i cancel < i never have...yet ;)...send this in an email threatinging to sue of they dont stop...cause its simple..this is Fraud and is not allowed if you can prove it.
    The gits.

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