How to know if im subscribed to US or EU newsletter?

Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Vasconcelos, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Vasconcelos

    Vasconcelos Part of the furniture

    How to know if im subscribed to US or EU newsletter?

    Ive just received the July newsletter in my inbox n a question sprung to my mind. Where does it come from? I mean, in the start I subscribed to US newsletter service, and when the EU portal opened, I also subscribed to EU newsletter at the same time I created my profile n applied to beta. Yet, I only receive 1 newsletter but dunno if it is the US or the EU one.

    Is there a way to know? Mebbe the email address?
    The EU portal is so messy I cant find a ticking box indicating im subscribed to the newsletter.

  2. Roffe

    Roffe Fledgling Freddie

    Klick the "beta center" link in the latest newsletter, if you end up at the GOA site then you have the EU newsletter.
  3. IainC

    IainC English WAR Community Manager

    If you log into the EU site and check your profile,there's a tick box there to unsubscribe from the newsletter. If it's not ticked then you are subscribed.
  4. Vasconcelos

    Vasconcelos Part of the furniture

    Thx for the aid.

    Good 'ole Europe it is :)
  5. Whisperess

    Whisperess Can't get enough of FH

    Double negatives have a tendancy to confuse people. Not surprisingly so as their use differs between languages. While it's common in romantic languages, and a requirement in Slavic languages - it's practically never used in Germanic languages apart from Afrikaans or the odd "I don't know nothing". A ticked checkbox with the text "I want to sign up for the beta test/newsletter" (a double positive) could possibly be a lot clearer - especially for people who don't have English as a primary language.
  6. SkarIronfist

    SkarIronfist Fledgling Freddie

    See Requiel, its what I said in the other thread about the use of negative statements ;)

    Make all statements require a positive action (A tick) which can be seen alot easier.

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