[QUESTION] How many will pay to play this ? Curious.

Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Risengrave, Oct 24, 2008.

Going to pay to play this ?

  1. Yes, I love it !

  2. Yes, but short term billing only until severe bugs are fixed

  3. No, waste of money as it stands

  4. Not sure .

  1. Toel

    Toel Loyal Freddie

    Second thought, no I won't be resubbing.
  2. CowledScout

    CowledScout Fledgling Freddie

    God i wish people like him would be banned.
  3. Boggy

    Boggy Fledgling Freddie

    I don't understand this attitude. Do you enjoy the game today? Then play it today. If in the long term it becomes less interesting, deal with it at that point.

    Why the hell would you spoil your own enjoyment today wondering if you will still enjoy it in a year?

    If you don't even enjoy it today, then just leave or post some suggestions to Mythic on the in game suggestions feature. Creating a post that starts by slating the game and tries to get other people to slate it with you has no possible positive outcome. Best case, people disagree with you nicely and say you're wrong. Worst case, you just started loads of bitter argument. Even if people on the whole agreed with you, you'd just all be wallowing in your own complaints.
  4. Risengrave

    Risengrave Fledgling Freddie

    I did play a little today and it was OK. And I'm not leaving either, people should learn to read..I'm not trying to get people to slate the game ( it's a poll ), the game seems to do that all on it's own. People can disagree with me all they want, I'm not peaved when other people don't agree with me or even give the standard "Don't let the door hit you on the way out posts".

    It's a poll, quite simply I am indulging myself by seeing how many other people that read these forums intend on continuing to play. Sure I have complaints/issues with the game as it stands and most if not all MMO's I have played in the past have had similar issues on launch. All games are launched nowadays in a partially unfinished state, then patched until they are somewhere near what was promised on launch.

    My question is simply this. Are you willing to pay to play a game that, like many others, has been rushed out onto the shelves so they can make recoup some monies lost in development? People getting all bent out of shape by this concept should take a step back and possibly re-evaluate.

    As to my interest in the long term viability of the game is based purely upon how these game genres work and survive. They live for years, constantly ( hopefully ) evolving through new content and expansions which I will be funding through monthly billing. These games tend to take a fair amount of time out of real life to be able to progress and enjoy more. Again my question is, what does this game hold in store for the long term, is it going to be worth both the time and the money in the long run. I think it's a fair question that quite possibly may not even be answerable at this time.

    At the moment I am not convinced that the game will hold my interest long term, but things change.

    Feel free to flame, disagree etc, it's what Forums are there for, discussion.
  5. Risengrave

    Risengrave Fledgling Freddie

    It wasn't in a post, by looking at the poll you can see who has voted fo what.:kissit:
  6. Stazbumpa

    Stazbumpa Fledgling Freddie

    8th of September this year is "a while back"?

    Just like every game ever released.

    Fun. What were you expecting it to offer?
  7. Manisch Depressiv

    Manisch Depressiv Part of the furniture

    An all-in-one device suitable for every purpose to keep everyone happy.
  8. Stazbumpa

    Stazbumpa Fledgling Freddie

    You'll need an attachment for that, and some way of get your rig to groin height.
  9. Spankya

    Spankya Fledgling Freddie

    My sub ran out and I wont be renewing it. I found the game rather boring and wasnt impressed from the start, but it appears alot of people do like it, so good luck to em :)
  10. Boggy

    Boggy Fledgling Freddie

    Another person implying that disagreement with what they say is a result of people not reading properly. Is it really so difficult to accept that people might fully understand your point AND STILL NOT AGREE?

    The reason I said you are trying to get people to slate it too is that your initial comment (and in fact this one I've quoted here as well) has several conclusions that you've NOT given people a chance to disagree with.

    Terribly buggy? Not noticeably so for me.

    Rushed out? No.

    Imbalanced? In some ways probably, but it's not impacted my gameplay so far.

    Repetitive? Yes, but the bit I repeat is scens, so it's repetitive the same way any online FPS with human opponents is. It's not something I would class as a problem.

    If you created an unbiased poll, kicked off by saying "Do you like the game enough to play for a long time" or something equally neutral, I wouldn't have said you were trying to get people to slate the game.

    Stop and have a think, and ask yourself whether you posted this thread with an unbiased frame of mind. Then tell me I need to learn to read.
  11. Roo Stercogburn

    Roo Stercogburn Resident Freddy

    is rather at odds with the original post:

    Can't really claim (or imply) to be impartial when your original post that started the whole thread off is utterly biased and clearly designed to denigrate the game.
  12. pikeh

    pikeh Resident Freddy

    I will be renewing, and infact I just have. The game has some pretty obvious flaws to me, but the good points balance it out a lot.
  13. Risengrave

    Risengrave Fledgling Freddie

    1. I would consider a few weeks a while, how long exactly is a piece of string ?

    2. I already said that nearly all games released these days are in an unfinished and or buggy state.

    3. Fun would be a good description, but not just short term.

    Anything else ? :lol:
  14. Risengrave

    Risengrave Fledgling Freddie

    I'll agree that my original post was inflammatory. But the poll still stands regardless of that.

    Pretty impossible to be unbiased after having played the game.
  15. Boggy

    Boggy Fledgling Freddie

    Makes me laugh when I see people who are not on the dev team, have no real knowledge of what the impact of more or less dev time before launch would have been, but are still 100% sure the game was rushed out.

    The best way to refine an MMO past a certain point, in my opinion, is to do it after launch. Any development before that point is necessarily based partly on speculation about (a) what users will want once they have played for a while and (b) how the code will hold up when your usage volume increased by orders of magnitude.

    Other MMOs have been what I would call rushed out, but this year several have been put out the door at exactly the right moment.
  16. Manisch Depressiv

    Manisch Depressiv Part of the furniture


  17. Overdriven

    Overdriven Not a sandwich

    How bloody retarded have gamers become since the initial release of World of Warcraft? bloody hell..
  18. [HB]Jpeg

    [HB]Jpeg Loyal Freddie

    the way i see it the games still new HIGH majority of servers are still lvl25-35 ? once most are 40 im sure will be more rvr than atm all over wether it be zergs small scale 6v6 or smaller grps..

    also bear in mind over the months/years there will be tons of content and fixes added.. some ppl moan as if the game as it stands now will always be the same. Where it wont be i bet een in 6 months the game will of evolved dramaticlly.
  19. Gahn

    Gahn Resident Freddy

    I see i made the right choice in subbing for 1 month and see how it'd go.
    If Mythic's road is throwing down my throat another Toa, am out the second the month is over.
  20. Aiteal

    Aiteal Can't get enough of FH

    Open RvR feels like pinball with slightly better graphics at times

    As for the lag, it a joke
  21. Aada

    Aada Part of the furniture

    I never resubbed due to the huge and not fun scenario grind that smacks you in the face as soon as you log on.

    The PVE is dire due to lack of rewards vs Scenario.

    Pet pathing sucks dick still.

    This game is TOA all over again and frankly i am not interested in doing it again.

    WOTLK ftw.
  22. CowledScout

    CowledScout Fledgling Freddie

    I was agreeing with you till "WOTLK ftw", and i suddenly lost all respect :). WoW = SUCK!
  23. 00dave

    00dave Artist formerly known as Ignus


    I have visions of this game crashing and burning because it hasn't turned out like many people expected, and the WoW propoganda hasn't helped. WoW was a good game in the hands of idiots who bow down to the no lifers who grind 24/7 and stroke their epeens before demanding more grinding.
  24. Boggy

    Boggy Fledgling Freddie

    I love the scenarios. Not having to PvE at all is great. If they sorted out the "join all" option so you got a more even spread instead of just one scen over and over, it would be even better.
  25. Boggy

    Boggy Fledgling Freddie

    WoW and WAR seem to have taken almost opposite paths in some respects.

    WAR looks like it has been designed to be end-game all the way through. No need to level before you can RvR, not much emphasis on PvE-based progression. Quite thin questing, which only plays a small part anyway.

    WoW is a great game if you want something like the old single-player CRPGs (engaging quests, heavy emphasis on progression through leveling), but the end-game doesn't exist. In its place is an endless grind, which doesn't even pretend to be entertaining and instead keeps people at it with the promise that once they've finished grinding they will have a shiny completed character all ready for PvP. This never happens of course, because the expansions always add more and better things to grind for.

    I can actually see why some people are not pleased with WAR. I like it a lot, because I hate leveling of any sort, and being able to RvR from level 1 is what I've always wanted. But for people who wanted engaging PvE content, I expect it doesn't deliver. Even for me, I think there will be disappointments. Roaming RvR doesn't look promising as it stands, but I can live with that until they sort it out, if they ever do.
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  26. Ogen

    Ogen One of Freddy's beloved

    Tbh, im still trying to give the game a chance, altho it have disopointed me a little. I dont know, somewhere inside i think i was hoping for something abit more daoc´ish.
    I really dont like the scenario part. DAoC had battlegrounds but no objective, besides having fun, and no timers.. Just a zone you entered and fought to hold, or take a keep.
    This somehow never got boring like this.

    I liked the world config better aswell, with 3 closed realms, and a split fronteir between them. That brought on that special fealing of being home, and fighting for your realm, instead of some stupid scenareo repeated 50 times, just to get into a slightly different one..

    I think the world rvr in war could work, but i dont think its ever gonna be as much fun as in DAoC, as it seems to "closed", and not flixible enough.

    As for weather or not im renewing, time will tell. But i fear this game will suffer the same death as DAoC did, only alot faster - Population drop...

    Im seeing it allready, with my first server starting on full pop, now being down to medium at peak time.

    Im now on K8P, and thats not full at anytime anymore either, so if its just a downward hill, this game will die quickly im afraid. Especially with WOTLK inc.
  27. Zagzyg

    Zagzyg Regular Freddie

    Not having much problem bug or balance wise, other than some annoying graphics glitiches. Server lag is a problem at times.
    Repetitive, yes, the pve I find dull. PQ's out of prime time become deserted once the population spreads out.
    PvP scenarios are mostly fun, but a bit of a grind, and also become deserted out of prime time.
    Really not sure if I'll sub, though I probably will month-to-month for now.

    Lego MMO rocks!!! Not even in beta yet though, so I doubt that he was talking about that.
  28. Ctuchik

    Ctuchik FH is my second home

    i let my sub run out to. forced pvp'ing to level up wasn't all that fun.
  29. Naffets

    Naffets Can't get enough of FH

    I let my subs run out - and i hadn't been playing for 2 weeks prior to that.

    I'll revisit the game in a few months, and I hope they have it somewhat sorted by then. Still strugging to see why EA thought it wise to let GOA handle the Euro servers. I also don't understand how the bandwidth can be as bad as it, aren't GOA owned by the main french telecom company? (Opentransit)

    Anyway, I'll not turn this into a GOA bashing discussion, I just truly think it was a mistake for EA to allow the European servers to suffer the same inadequate resources as with DAoC. I'm sure GOA can be perfectly capable of running things - EA just need to tell them how to do it, put strict SLA's in place etc. etc.

    Other contributing factors are poor performance on high spec rigs
    unreliable client
    game design flaws which have a negative effect on the consumer (tor anroc is just one of many examples)

    oh and the usual "this isnt daoc 2" of course :)
  30. Aada

    Aada Part of the furniture

    You might say the samething for WAR with the way things are going it is going to be an endless scenario grind for those that stay.

    I'll be happy with WoW i have always had a blast every time i resubbed the classes are fun to play, the PVE is great and the PVP is a nice break from the PVE.

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