House 57 - Good Stuff for sale


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Jan 21, 2004
Good Stuff for sale house 57 -

Leviathan Ring of the Deep -- 100% Durability
Ring of Arcane Strength (Dragon Ring)--100% Durability
Azure Prayerbound Robes (Caer Sidi Friar Robe / 180pt heal proc)--100%
Dragonscale Buckler (Dragon small shield)--100%
Kraken Beak Necklace --- 100%
Leviathan Tooth Necklace x2 -- 100%
Twisted Hair of Malamis ( Stealther Belt )

+ Numerous other junk, just had a good clear out, so if you need any of those house 57- Prydwen

High Level Potions - Left over from skilling Alchemist (on CM)
Strong Draught of Mending (9 charges of health regen/ 10 min duration)
Strong Draught of Shard Skin (9 charges of damage shield/20 min duration)

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