Discussion in 'Neocron' started by Skaven, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. Skaven

    Skaven Guest

    Anyone alive anymore?
  2. old.Dillinja

    old.Dillinja Guest

    It ate everybody...
  3. -Nxs-

    -Nxs- Guest

    lol does this game actualy still exist ?
  4. -Nxs-

    -Nxs- Guest

    Right its now my mission - find the one remaining Neocron player - someone out there must think its great ! somewhere..... someone ... heheh

    The best part was getting drunk and staggering on the floor in BETA
  5. old.Dillinja

    old.Dillinja Guest

    I love Neocron. Your search is over.

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