[Hibernia Ywain] The Order of Chaos is recruiting

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May 30, 2007
Hi all

If there are any new, returning players or players playing the game at the moment and you want to be part of a friendly, fun and helpful community. Then come and join us on Hibernia and we will make your game experience fun and we will try and help you to our best ability.

At the moment we run RvR 8man group set up, Public/Private RvR zergs, Master level 10, Prince, Mini's and Big 3, Summoners hall, Picts xp group, Glass groups and more.

The Order of Chaos don't just do events but give you good advice on templates, class specs, Leadership, Setting up for RvR.


Whats time is the guild active and how many are in your guild?
We are mainly active around US daytime and both EU and US primetime. We have around 960 toons 100-150 active members. We are one of the biggest guilds on Hibernia at this moment along with the Alliance we are part of called Regulators.

How often do you do events?
We have a regular Public/alliance rvr bg that starts 12am gmt / 7pm est that is in progress during the weekends and sometimes during the week. If there isn't a zerg then the guild will run either a private bg or an 8man group which runs at the same time. We also do 8-16man mostly before EU primetime and during.
PvE events we will do mainly on weekends but we also do some during the week which are un-planned but are posted up on facebook and the web site.

What classes are you looking for to join the guild?
Any types of classes are welcome to join the guild. However we are looking always for more bards, druids, wardens and caster dps.

How can I join?
If you can find a guild member from The Order of Chaos then they will direct you to an officer. We also have a application section if u prefer to apply to a guild www.orderofchaos.boards.net .

I hope I've explain everything about our guild but of course if I haven't then please send me a tell or reply on this post.

We hope you can join us on our adventures and hope to see you in Dark Age of Camelot

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Jan 27, 2004
Welcome back to freddys solic :p try not to take the bashing so personal on ywain/postcount, just a bit of fun.


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Dec 22, 2003
oh im sorry, i thought you quit the other day ? make your mind up you dribbling mongoloid :p

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