Fledgling Freddie
Jan 28, 2004
Hello there.

Just thought I'd nip in and introduce myself :)

I am going to be playing in Mid/Pryd from ToA. I have been playing mainly on Alb/Excal recently, but have played on Hib/Pryd for a year on and off.

I'm fed up with Hibernia generally, and will delete my characters as soon as I can get my cash out.

I'd like to play a Healer here, as it's similar to my Druid, but can actually CC properly :)

I'm waiting for ToA because I am going to roll a Frostalf for their massive base Pieity.

Some of the specs I am looking at are below. I love playing support classes and would look to have a decent mix of RvR & PvE. Please give guidance on which of the specs I'm most likely to get a group with.

Finally, are there any friendly Guilds recruiting? I need a fairly mature Guild (am 30 in March), but one that has a good mix of RvR and PvE most importantly.

Spec 1:

38 Mend (For 35 Gp Insta and less variance)
5 Aug (For Gp Spd Buff)
38 Pac (For 1st tier AOE Insta Stun)

Spec 2:

39 Mend (For 2nd Single Insta)
37 Aug (For all 2nd tier resists)
4 Pac (For POM)

Spec 3:

32 Mend (For 3rd tier Single Insta)
11 Aug (For 4th tier Dmg Add)
42 Pac (For 4th tier AOE Stun)


Can't get enough of FH
Dec 22, 2003
Hey, welcome to the realm. :) You should check out Norsefejd. Fairly large guild who are very active, we PvE alot and also have RvR groups. And are always happy to help other members out. I only joined recently but its alot of fun. :)


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 30, 2003
my healer is specced 36 pac 40 mend, so you 26 sec Mesmerize Shout [AE] and the 100% rez... am kinda happy with it :)


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 23, 2003
hmm tryed find, was it trines healerguide? link but prolly have it home.
its good and i did follow/read it when made own healer..
post link when home and remember, if nobody other do it.

my healer is specced 44 pac and 30 mend, rest aug.
this give quite strong cc line and 1st spread what is healer must.
so atleast 30 to mend and rest you can put to aug or pac, but dont split between 3 lines!
hmm aug line is really nice but if you dont have guildgroup behind you who offer other person for cc, you need prolly spec my way.
this give you for random groups cc and ok heals.


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 29, 2003
44pac with enough mend for spread heal is the most common spec for a pac healer (and a great one). You will also find good utility for this spec in PvE - you'll have some good heals, great CC and pox5 for power regen.

However, you may like to also consider my spec - which is 48pac. I have the last AE Insta Stun, which enables me to do first line CC with a high level insta (less resists) and follow with a (longer duration) castable AE Mez. I don't have spread heal, but this has not been a problem except for seiges where I don't always have LoS on my group. I love my spec, anyway... works for me!

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