HB Bodhi


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 25, 2003
My birthday greetings are indeed half hearted and, above all, late.

Just as they should be you utter tossbag.

Love and hugs

Staz :sex:


Once agreed with Scouse and a LibDem at same time
Dec 22, 2003
Cheers dudes and dudettes, your goodwishes and abuse have caused me to grin from ear to ear (drugs and women also help......), even if some of you are still a bunch of botulism ridden tossfaces :D

I've had a fucking belter in all honesty, being 24 seems BRILLIANT! so far. Hope it keeps up. Celebrated in Wales of all places in Llandudno whilst on a golfing holiday. Golf all day drink all night. Lots of silliness does ensue. Such as a good friend of mine getting out of bed in a drunken sleepwalk maneuvre and proceed to piss into his clothes bag. He still does not know why. He may never. Other highlights included nearly spending the night in Llandudno slammer and getting twatted in the leg with a golf ball. A fun, fun weekend.

Unfortunately for most of today i've been suffering a dusgusting hangover and a touch of heatstroke from spending 5 hours in baking hot sun in the afternoon. I've still had a smile on me face tho (just cos of the women this time, well one in particular), and everyone has been ace.


I am a FH squatter
Dec 22, 2003
24. Fucking hell. Thats like 8 years ago for me :(

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