Happy Bday

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Twaize, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Twaize

    Twaize Fledgling Freddie

    Happy bday to me :D :drink:
  2. L_Plates

    L_Plates Fledgling Freddie

    LMAO ----- HB
  3. Jonaldo

    Jonaldo Can't get enough of FH

    Happy birthday! I was just going to make the thread but you beat me to it:)

  4. tRoG

    tRoG Fledgling Freddie

  5. Twaize

    Twaize Fledgling Freddie

    thx all
  6. Ch3tan

    Ch3tan I aer teh win!!

    Quality, self birthday gratification.

    HB :)
  7. pixie.pebr

    pixie.pebr Fledgling Freddie

    One day before Xmas, I so do not envy you :m00:

    Happy Birtday silleh :D
  8. dysfunction

    dysfunction FH is my second home

    Happy BArfday!
  9. Lam

    Lam Fledgling Freddie

    Happy Birthday
  10. Luribomb

    Luribomb Fledgling Freddie

    congratulations on you being one year older! \o/ \o> <o/ \o/
  11. pcg79

    pcg79 One of Freddy's beloved

    uhm deja vu ?
  12. Jupitus

    Jupitus Old and short, no wonder I'm grumpy! Staff member Moderator FH Subscriber


    Happy Birthday!!!
  13. .Wilier.

    .Wilier. One of Freddy's beloved

    erm, isnt it 2 days before Christmas?? or am I at work when I should be at home.........

    HB BTW.
  14. Wij

    Wij I am a FH squatter FH Subscriber

    +1 years !

  15. Jonaldo

    Jonaldo Can't get enough of FH

    Don't some nations celebrate Christmas on the 24th?

    I think so but it may have been some chemically induced imaginary thing. Who knows?
  16. Gumbo

    Gumbo FH is my second home

    My mother is Norweigan, and yes, we will mostly be celebrating tomorrow, (24th).
  17. pixie.pebr

    pixie.pebr Fledgling Freddie

    Dec 23 today.
    Dec 24 tomorrow. Equals Xmas and mucho pressies in Sweden :D

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