Good bye everyone!


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 29, 2006
After 4 years DAoC the time for me guys to leave has come..

I'm not leaving because i don't like DAoC but because GoA ignoring the population problem on Dyvet and i'm a little bored of the view of same places ;)

I don't know if i'll come back in the future if GoA fixes the current population problem or not but for now i'm taking a break. My accounts will remain open for houses rent :pp

A thank to the people who came to my raids, ML, DF and more! I had a dream to kill Behemoth, please do it!

A goodbye to my friends i made these 4 years and to my guilds... Argonauts, The Dark Alliance, Sarumans Hand and Alarm Clock Squad.. It was a pleasure to play with you guys!

See you in WoW!!!


One of Freddy's beloved
Apr 22, 2005
See ya m8, will miss the duels :( take care irl or in another MMO and as the saying goes see you in WAR :x

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