Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tallwiz, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. tallwiz

    tallwiz Fledgling Freddie

    is it just me, or does everyone think goa sux at the job their supposed to be doing?

    first off the servers cant handle the work load, thats why you get LAG.
    second, maintainance and small patches knock the servers off line for no apparent reason....
    and you can bet your bottom dollar that it all goes pair shaped on 24th when cata is released....

    just my 2 pennies worth cause im beginning to hate the game that i loved for sooo long... all due to crap that could be handled but doesnt seem the top priority... ever...
  2. Megarevs

    Megarevs Loyal Freddie

    ~(QvQ)~ sorry cant resists...
  3. Deathspike

    Deathspike Banned

    aye its getting on my nerves too.

    And they wonder why people are moving to WoW :twak:
  4. IainC

    IainC English WAR Community Manager

    First off the servers are more than beefy enough to handle the work load. All the reported lag I've seen recently has come from outside our network in hubs across Europe - Birmingham, London and Rotterdam were the most recent culprits.

    Secondly there have been two instances since the last patch where the servers have been brought down and in neither case was it for no reason. Last week we took the servers down to install new machines to handle the Catacombs zones and reorganise the existing ones - hard to do that while they are still running, and on Wednesday our host had to do some maintenance on the network we use. In both cases we warned players in advance and in both cases there was no way that the servers could stay running while the work was being carried out. The uptime of our servers is over 99%, mostly they are only down when we patch to a new version - again unavoidable as it's not possible to patch while the servers are running. Today, there was a hardware failure which was fixed within 30 minutes - one of only a couple of hardware failures that actually resulted in our servers not being reachable that I can remember in nearly 3 years of playing on EU servers

    As for gong 'pair shaped' when Catacombs is released, in general our patch releases are very smooth. I can only think of one or two that have encountered problems and in all those cases the additional downtime was minimal. I'd very much doubt that anyone who wasn't in the Goa office would have noticed any extra delay in any of those cases.
  5. UndyingAngel

    UndyingAngel Part of the furniture

    yet again someone crying about stuff they dont understand... mabey GOA sox.. mabey they dont.. who cares.. its not allways there fault there are lots of factors, your ISP, That crappy French backbone, Hardware that might be faulty, your modem might be faulty or even your PC :E there are so many things but I agree it has been a joke recently.. GOA forgetting to but the 50pence in the meter to keep it going.. but over all imho they have done a great job :)
  6. atos

    atos Fledgling Freddie

    Thank god I stopped playing in time. =)
  7. Gamah

    Gamah Banned

    I remember after a patch once that if someone recieved a PM they went LD..was fixed pretty quick though :)...fun to PM all the people you didn't like :x
  8. Roadie

    Roadie Fledgling Freddie

    i think most ppl wajn at goa just because its the "done thing" :p

    Hiring Requiel, the worlds most patient guy, seems to have been a good step from their recruitment branch for a start :p

    Real problems are delt with fast (other than a small number of small exceptions), the servers never go down w/o notice and 99.9% of the time are up, there is good ingame support and their policys all have good reason.

    Most of the issues seem to be more mythics problem (and lag related problems are the fault of the dodgy lines about the place) and goa get the blame :<

    i sound like a fanboi :<
  9. Dorimor1

    Dorimor1 Banned

    I really don't know much about this, but shouldn't we just give GOA a break? Imo they are working extremely hard to keep all of us happy and running a MMORPG is probably tougher than you think, tallwiz
  10. tallwiz

    tallwiz Fledgling Freddie

    well, when all said and done....

    maybe not GOA's fault...

    but tell me why my friend plays US servers and when he comes round here thinks the lag etc is a joke...
    he gets none of it on the US servers and they are further away than france.....

    we have exactly the same set up, broadband too.
    i play another rpg game and get 0% lag..... and thats US based.

    maybe i was a little quick off the mark, but yesterday there was a popup regarding a few faults, i clicked ok to acknowledge, then another apologiesing... i clicked ok....
    then ld.....

    i dont do ld... ever. even when lag is so bad that most others ld.
    i understand there is problems, hell, if there wasnt, half of the goa maintainance team would be out of jobs.

    my point being, when anyone reports a problem, it takes absolutely ages to be fixed, or even looked at.
    i reported my scout not being able to complete LSOA due to npc freeze on which weap to choose..... not received anything back and still cant complete.

    and alot of other peeps with scouts have had the same problem..

    thats just 1 instance.

    anyway, /whine off

    sorry to bother you lot, i know your all busy working on cata patch.

  11. Zenythe

    Zenythe [GOA] English Servers GM

    Probably because they don't have to go through the European backbone, there are actually fewer hops to get from most places in Europe to the US than there are to get anywhere -within- Europe, generally to your closest largeish city and then directly into the US backbone structure which is a larger backbone... analogy, and yea I know most people don't get them but stick with me here... you have two destinations, one is closer but you have to use a lot of little side roads to get there, one is further away however it's just a short hop on a local road then one large highway the rest of the way... the route using fewer changes and larger roads is going to get you there faster.

    OK I know for -fact- that none of the GMs have this sitting in their inbox, if you PM me with an incident number I'll look it up and see where it's gotten to. On average game issues get replied to in less then 24 hours during the work week, the only time it takes longer than that is if we have to pull server logs and in that case we generally inform you that we have to wait for information. Please remember that our replies come from a noreply@goa address so they have a nasty habit of getting eaten by spamfilters.
  12. Diamonds

    Diamonds Fledgling Freddie

    Ah well. Still, DaoC is the *only* game ever I have regularly had such massive lag in. You can keep blaiming it on the too small European backbone, on my ISP, on my router or on my PC, in the end it doesn't matter, as I got so tired of - amongst other things with the game - the lag that I stopped renewing my subscription ;p
  13. Ogrelin Blodig

    Ogrelin Blodig One of Freddy's beloved

    What a load of QQ!!

    GOA is doing a good job... :cheers:
  14. tallwiz

    tallwiz Fledgling Freddie

    i totally understand where your coming from zen....

    but why is it most albs have left pryd?

    i have been checking the [members online] (which have been pretty crap recently to be frank)
    and also doing /who all once in game..<on albion side>.. its usually less than a 1/4 of the actual server pop....

    i know im bitching.. or it seems that way... but instead of getting more peeps involved... old members are being driven away....
    some have even posted on this thread.... and given reasons why.
    i didnt want that, it was just an outburst on my behalf thats gone OTT.

    the lost stone of arawn thing was over 2 months ago, my scout is tallbow...
    not even played him since... been getting an infiltrator up and loving leirvik to be honest....

    and yes, my opening line was a touch much in my first post... i am sorry.
    /bows to the GOA team.

    i wont ever let my frustration from game be thrown across these forums again...
  15. Norcott

    Norcott Fledgling Freddie

    Ill tell ya why.. its quiet simple.. ya see in the old frontiers albs used to own and zerg all the time and didnt have to think tactics.. same with mids as you both had more numbers than hibs.. (thats not to say there wasnt any good gg running because there was).. but hibs on the other hand have always been low on numbers so weve had to be more tactical and use our recources to the full.. (unlike ur selves due to the massive numbers Albs could put out) thats not having a go at albs because if the boot was on the other foot we`d have done the same no doubt..
    but things have changed u see.. now u are losing numbers u carnt compete because its all new to you thats why hibs are sittin on the top of the tree and mids climbing up high also.. because were still thinking in the back of our minds about being low pop and using our recources to the full because weve always had to think like that.. its not about classes its about attitude people can slate hibs because we got Animists but hey each realm has got a class that can match it.. they are there they just need to be utilised.. we had to put up with getting zerged for years.. and i hardly think hibs are zerging anybody atm there aint enuff of us online to zerg like albs used to zerg.. 2 or 3 fg running about aint zerging by any means. NF is all about the bigger force..
    Albs just need to get out of the PvE mode and win or lose get out there in RvR.. we have for years.. just a game and it isnt nice losing all the time and getting adds all the time but we all have to deal with it..
    weve all got our gripes but us hibs are used to it.. just try to get the players out there .. get organised.. were far from it but were trying and thats why were winning alot..
  16. Shanaia

    Shanaia Fledgling Freddie

    I can give you an answer that's a lot shorter...

    We haven't ...
  17. Sharkith

    Sharkith Can't get enough of FH

    the Albs aint lost they are hatching some evul plan to dominate us all.... They have just gone quiet on Pryd for a bit.

    Is it just me but having had many of the Gank groups leave has made it all a much more level playing field in RvR? Hibbies are definitely still well outnumbered but despite this on a random group v's group basis most of us are closely matched. I haven't enjoyed RvR on Pryd as much since I left Molvik - which rocks.
  18. Straef

    Straef Can't get enough of FH

    Maybe not all albs, but a lot did leave to avalon/excal/us. People leaving to other servers is just as big of a problem as people leaving to wow imo :x
  19. Vladamir

    Vladamir FH is my second home

    Whereas you've done both, you be going to hell Straef :D
  20. Deepflame

    Deepflame Fledgling Freddie

    I don't see the big lag problem really. Occasionally there is a nasty lagspike, and yes it's annoying, but it only happens once or twice per week at most for me. And DAoC is so far the only MMO I ever played that doesn't go down regularly. I can almost always log on without problems. Unlike, say, EVE Online, which goes down EVERY day for an hour of maintenance, which is followed by half an hour of login rush. I've been hearing WoW has huge wait lines to get on servers and is laggy too.

    Seriously, we don't have it that bad server wise.

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