Ghost in the shell: Stand Alone Complex


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Dec 22, 2003
Well, just finished watching all 26 episodes of this excellent series, one of the more recent animé productions from Japan, although it is different from the 1991 movie which was also excellent and then proceeded to have an influence of some movies later on from Hollywood (namely The Matrix and the Fifth Element).

The series seems to revolve mainly around a mysterious character called "The laughing man" who is a grade A+ hacker, who pulls some very puzzling stunts throughout the series such as putting this odd logo over his face when he speaks or blanking himself from field completely by hacking the "cyberbrains" of people and electronics around him.

I must say after taking the week or so of watching bits of it, the animation and execution of the storyline is excellent, there doesnt seem to be any apparent plot at the start but it eventually picks up the pace after the laughing man comes onto the case, all the characters of the movie are still there and a Major in a more revealing kit than in the movie however she still kicks as much arse as she did in the movie.

Very worth the watch, i reccomend it. :D


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Dec 23, 2003
it is indeed the sex, and i'm very eagerly awaiting the new GITS film. from the trailer it looks amazing.


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Dec 22, 2003
film came out in 95 not 91 mate:)

and the last ep was a poor one but all in all it is a great series, not long till Innocence: Ghost in the Shell is out and the the next series:)

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