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Dec 23, 2003
Can anyone help?

Kit as follows:

ASRock 939 Dual Sata2 mobo (2.10 bios with AGP 8x, fast writes enabled and AGP Deep FIFO Enabled)
Athlon Dual Core 3800+ CPU
Gainward GEForce 7800GS 512MB AGP (Not OC'd)
1.5GB DDR400 PC3200 memory
XP SP2 + all the patches
3 HD's
Thermaltake 680W PSU
Running NVidia 91.31 drivers

Problem i got is as follows:

3DMark 2006 - start the test and screen goes black
Need for Speed Most Wanted - start the game - hear sound fine, but no gfx
Half Life 2 - "sort of" see the graphics but screen mostly black with fractals and trails...
Dark Age of Camelot (TOA and CATA clients) - both work fine.

Haven't tried my Q4 and X3 installs yet - but anyone seen this before?

I'm also getting a popup from NVidia control panel saying vid card aint getting enough power, but ffs its a 680W PSU - what the hell's that all about?

Any help GREATLY appreciated as its doing my head in.

I'm sooo close to going back to my 2.4 Athlon XP in my A7N8X mobo coz of this


Can't get enough of FH
Nov 25, 2004
Certainly very odd. 680W is more than sufficient.

Tried a different PCI graphics connector if you have one?

The fact that the games go black/blank is rly odd, never heard of it tbh.


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Oct 6, 2004
- Try a different power connector into your graphics card, could just be a faulty cable connection.
- Seeing as you are using the 7800 AGP I would increase the AGP voltage in your bios, alot of mobo's will default to 1.5v whereas a beast like that card probably wants 1.7v at a guess (have a search on the web for the optimal setting).
- 680W certainly is enough but check the stability on the 12v rail on your PSU, that is where your GPU draws its power from. If its unstable you will get alot of GPU crashes and power problems.
- Turn off fast writes, offers next to no performance improvement (if im not mistaken) at the expense of alot of crashes in certain situations.

Good luck.

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